Monday, January 16, 2012

The Early Morning Chat: Festivals in the Philippines

The Early Morning Chat: Festivals in the Philippines: My Top Ten Most Favored Festivals in the Philippines I would say Philippines has the most Festivals being celebrated worldwide. I would s...

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Festivals in the Philippines

My Top Ten Most Favored Festivals in the Philippines

I would say Philippines has the most Festivals being celebrated worldwide. I would say this because I think that every provinces has their own Festivals. Sometimes even every barangay has its own Feast to celebrate all year round. However, I would like to discuss the top ten festivals that I am dreaming or already seen Festivals. I would also like to give you information about the occasions and a background of the place.

Here’s my list of my top ten:

I will be posting information about this events in the coming days.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Early Morning Chat: Antipolo's Best

The Early Morning Chat: Antipolo's Best: The Weekend Foodies… A hungry stomach rarely despises common food. – Horace Have you ever come across a point in your life where there’s ...

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Antipolo's Best

The Weekend Foodies…

A hungry stomach rarely despises common food. – Horace

Have you ever come across a point in your life where there’s so much to do but you are just so lazy to do it? In fact you got bored and just wanting to do something out of your daily or weekend routine. Sometime, you come to a point where you wanted to do something new.

For me, my answer is yes. There was a lot of time where I am fighting boredom. I am fighting it with doing something I love that I haven’t done or doing it rarely. So let me tell you what I do when I feel this boredom by sharing my experience last weekend.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Its More Fun In the Philippines

Filipinos really criticize almost everything. For me thats a goo point as it only shows that we are free to voice out our sentiments and for the government to have a better idea and understanding on thier program they are implementing.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

The update Philippine Holidays


Its always good to know the upcoming Holidays here in the Philippines. Holidays meaning the declared National Holiday! This would only mean we can plan ahead if we want to do travelling on this dates. That's why I did some researching and found out the complete list of Legal Holidays!

2011 gives us a lot of good memories and am sure we want to be positive this 2012 so we hold our hopes that this year will become a better year.

Regular Holidays

New Years Day – January 1, 2012

Maundy Thursday – April 5

Good Friday – April 6

Araw ng Kagitingan – April 9 (Monday)

Labor Day – May 1 (Tuesday)

Independence Day – June 12 (Tuesday)

National Heroes Day – August 27 (Last Monday of August)

Bonifacio Day – November 30 (Friday)

Christmas Day – December 25 (Tuesday)

Rizal Day – December 30 (Sunday)

Special (Non-Working) Days

Chinese New Year – January 23 (Monday)

Ninoy Aquino Day – August 21 (Tuesday)

All Saints Day – November 1 (Thursday)

Additional special (non-working) day – November 2 (Friday)

Last Day of the Year – December 31 (Monday)

Please Note that February 25 is also declared as a Special Holiday for all schools in commemoration of the EDSA Revolution Anniversary


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baguio City: The Awesome Panagbenga Experience

“Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.” ~John Ruskin

If you are planning to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines – Baguio City, plan it on February where spectacular activities happen almost every day. The Panagbenga Festival is the grandest flower festival in the country.

Panagbenga means “a season of blooming.” The word is a kankanaey word, a dialect mostly in some parts of Benguet and Mountain Province.

The festival highlights Floral Float parade where cars are adorn by flowers like Malaysian Mums, Antorium, Rose, orchids and the like. It also showcases the creativity of the local artist. Another highlight of the festival is the street dancing where it mesmerizes its spectators by the endowed students of Baguio City and the nearby provinces.

The festival will run for the whole month of February where each day the city government plots an activity where everyone would definitely enjoy. Other highlights include battle of the bands, local arts show, closing of Session road.

The closing of Session Road is one of my favorite since it is closed intended for shoppers. Affordable wood carves, flowers, food, clothes, and a lot more is offered on the said event.

Schedules of Activity:

Panagbenga Festival 2012

Panagbenga Opening Parade – February 1, 2012

Market Encounter – February 1 to March 4, 2012

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom – February 11, 2012

Handog ng Panagbenga sa Baguio – February 12, 2012

Fluvial Float Parade February 12, 2012

Chinese Spring Festival – February 21, 2012
Grand Street Dancing Parade – February 25, 2012

Grand Float Parade – February 26, 2012

Session Road in Bloom- February 27 – March 4, 2012

Pony Boy’s Day – March 2, 2012

Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies and Grand Fireworks Display – March 4, 2012

The said festival showcases not only the local talent but also talents from the nearby provinces such as La Union, Pangasinan, Ilocos Region and Benguet. Not only that, you got to experience as well the culture and tradition of the Igorots.

Places to Visit in Baguio City:

Burnham Park: It offers wide variety of activities like brisk walking along the famous Burnham Lake and boat riding perfect for the whole family to chat, laugh and simply relax. Since February is one of the coldest months in Baguio, after boat riding you can have some exercise by renting a bicycle perfect still for kids and the whole family to heat up your body. Teenagers would definitely love skating and toddlers would love the kiddies’ park. All this can be found at Burnham Park.

Lourdes Groto is also a must see place in Baguio. Its serenity and silence is so perfect for praying and self reflection. Good view as well and camera perfect background enhances the beauty of the subject.

Mines View Park, The Mansion and Wright Park are also perfect for Horse Back riding, picture taking, and shopping for souvenirs and pasalabong.

Another place you shouldn’t miss when you visit Baguio City for the Panagbenga is the Tam-awan Village. A perfect place for art enthusiast and those who would like to know more about the Igorots. A place where you could taste their native delicacies like pinikpikan. Pinikpikan is so tasteful a perfect combination of burned chicken and dried pork.

Panagbenga is truly majical! When we let a thousand folower bloom in Baguio City it looks like a paradise of flower and feels like enchanted with the fairies singing lullaby.

So what are you waiting for book your hotel now for a PANAGBENGA EXPERIENCE and help let a thousand flowers bloom this February 2012!

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Travelling Sagada

by: Charlton

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia

Few years ago, I am tutoring Korean Students at Baguio City. It was such a wonderful experience. I was a stay in teacher back then. I am astonished with my students’ story. It was fun learning their culture. Knowing their culture would make you understand them. This experience made me think of ways as a teacher for them to expand their understanding of me as well as my country and my culture, the good side of my country and the good tourist destination are just some of the experiences they got from me.

One day when we had such a long vacation my student asked me to suggest and then later asked me to be their tour guide. I agreed and tour them on the most luxurious and extravagant tourist destination of the north! I will let them see and explore the beauty of the Northern Paradise of the Philippines.

Since we are already in Baguio City, I told them to visit Sagada. It is where half of my kin are located. I will describe at as the gate of the Garden of Eden! If you are already in Baguio City, take GL Lizardo Bus which leaves Baguio City at around 6:00 AM as their earliest trip, you’ll reach Sagada by around 11:30 AM that’s approximately around 5 hours bus ride.

First timer or frequent visitors would definitely love going back. Along the way you will pass by mountain ridges feeling the ambiance and the cold winds. Aside from being entertained with the pine forest scenery and vegetable gardens you would definitely have a breath of fresh air.

Once in Sagada, there would be a lot of lodge, rest house and inns located in the town proper. My students and I stayed at Saint Joseph Hotel. After we freshen up we started to register at the Municipal Hall where a very friendly tourist guide accommodates you and provide you with a tour guide.

I would suggest visiting St Joseph Inn for few different reason: Hospitality, kindness and politeness of the workers. I have experienced the true Filipino Hospitality. Aside from that, the food they served are well prepared, very clean, and very suggestive. Also, you can even request for them to prepare the local delicacies if you want to try them out. They can deffinitely prepare it just for you. I would say, "you've never been to Sagada if you haven't try our very own Pinikpikan with Etag and Tapey".

We first visited the Enchanting Sumaging Cave. The most visited cave in Sagada. The cave provides you with total entertainment. We were fascinated with the beauty of nature. You will be at awe with the images sculpted by running water. We crawled and swim and climb! It was a total nerve rocking but the scenery would definitely make you want to keep going back. The water washes away the stress and worries. Our tired body was energized and relaxed. It’s as if I was massaged for a day! If you visit this place I would suggest you bring with you a water proof camera.

Next stop is the Lumiang Cave. We just stop by the entrance of the cave. Accordingly, people who are into more extreme and wants more adrenalin, I would definitely suggest you try this. In the entrance you would see the old coffins used to bury the dead of this town long time ago.

Another place to visit is the Hanging Coffins. It is a burial site long time ago. I am not sure if some are still putting their dead these days in that place. This was called a Hanging coffin because the coffins were placed on the side of the steep mountain ridges. Coffins are inserted in between those boulders.

After that, we walk back to the town proper. Souvenir shops are located everywhere. You can buy anything in the town proper mostly wood carved images and printed shirts. I would suggest you should buy the famous Sagada Weaving bags. Variety of bags could be sold there from back pack to travelling bags and of course coin purse. Ask the locals to show you where the Sagada Weaving located so you could get the best quality.

After a long day, we decided to go back to our INN at St Joseph Resthouse. I asked the restaurant manager of St Joseph Resthouse to prepare us the traditional Pinikpikan with Etag accompanied by Tapuey for my students to have a feel of the traditional food of the Igorots.

The next morning we rode a jeep going to Fedilisan to visit the famous Bomud-ok “Big” Falls! Going to the said waterfalls, you will pass by small rice terraces. Everyone enjoys the cold water while swimming. This would consume at least a day.

Disclaimer: Please note that photos here are taken from google images.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Early Morning Chat: KS Bar: A place of true Filipino Hospitality

The Early Morning Chat: KS Bar: A place of true Filipino Hospitality: Morning traffic rush, debate at work, project deadline, presentation is filling up our day. Is it not good to have some time with friends ...

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KS Bar: A place of true Filipino Hospitality

Morning traffic rush, debate at work, project deadline, presentation is filling up our day. Is it not good to have some time with friends on special occasion and just laugh out loud, singing, talking about your crushes or lover’s nasty actions? Are you looking for a place more secured and not so crowded?

My friends are walking along Timog Ave to look for a place. It was raining then and they would need a place to hang out and of course to have some fun. A waiter then approaches them and invited them to go inside (a typical gesture of Filipino hospitality). The waiter introduced Ate May to the group and gets their order. A bunch of happy people, everybody started to be talking and joking around. Ate May came out from the kitchen and served a sliced onion along with calamansi, iodized salt, and a ground pepper. At first no one seems to like the fresh onion as everyone thinks it doesn’t taste good but Ate May insisted my friends started picking the onion. At everyone’s surprise the onion taste sweet and not bitter. From that time on, that became the groups all time favorite.

I was surprised, when everyone is talking about KS Bar in facebook. So the next time around I joined the pack and so I met Ate May. When Filipinos meet the first time, we normally smile and shake hands or we just nod. But to my surprise Ate May greeted me with a wide genuine smile, an embrace and a pat on my back while she’s welcoming me to her bar. As a first timer, I merely observe and I noticed everyone seems to be very comfortable with the place. Ate May then came out with a glass of wine, I was thinking it is for her. “Welcome to KS Bar Charlton!” Ate May announced!

KS Bar for me is not a place for gathering, its not just a place for drinking! KS Bar upholds the typical Filipino Hospitality in this modern World.

KS Bar is situated in Scout Deguia Tomas Morato, 1420 Quezon City, Philippines. Near Cheese cake and Jolibee Tomas Morato

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