Friday, September 21, 2012

Kare-Kare - Our Rainy Weekend Pleasure Food

Kare-kare is one of the Authentic Filipino Food that am sure most Filipino is most aware of. It is also one of the most served food in every Filipino occasions. September is actually my sister's birth month so I thought of preparing something a little bit extra specials that we could indulge in.

So here's how my friend Anton did the cooking. Please excuse me for the picture quality as it was taken via a phone camera.


  • Pork Pata / Ox Tail
  • Peanut Butter
  • Ground Rice
  • Atswete
  • Bawang/Gralic
  • Sibuyas / Onion Bulb
  • Talong / Egg Plant
  • Sitaw / Stringed Beans
  • Puso ng Saging
  • Pechay
  • Kamatis / tomato
  • Salt
  • Oil (corn oil or vegetable oil)
  • Bagoong
How to Cook
  1. Boil Pork Pata / Ox Tail for one and half hour to achieve tenderness together with onion and garlic.
  2. Separate the stock
  3. Saute onion and garlic along with atswete (make sure that atswete is crushed).
  4. Then add the stock and make it boil however set aside a bowl of stock.
  5. Dissolve the ground rice into the small bowl of stock before putting it into the pot.
  6. Make it boil then add peanut butter and then mix until the peanut butter is fully dissolved.
  7. Add the vegetables starting with eggplant, stringed beans and puso ng saging. Add salt to taste.
  8. Then add meat (pata) add let it boil for at least 15 minutes.
  9. Serve while hot
For the Dip
  1. Sautee bagoong along with onion, garlik and tomato.
  2. Also you can add chili but it is optional.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Krazy Garlik: A True Dining Destination

Finally, I found a restaurant that is not that too expensive but still classy that captivates the very taste buds of food lover Filipino. My experience with them is superb! Superb in a way that I am satisfied with the food and the waiters/waitress who attended our needs.

The Food

Kessa ordered Crispy Pata, Stuffed Pechay, and of course a Filipino can never survive fried rice.

You maybe a meat lover or a vegetable lover but am sure you would like to combine the pechay and the meat together. I love the fact Krazy Garlik has come up with this awe so brilliant idea. Am sure I will gonna order this the next time I visit Krazy Garlik.

Crispy Pata.... I don't think there's a Filipino who at some point didn't love crispy pata.Pata is a leg part (including knuckles). Unlike with the other crispy pata that i have tasted in the past, the Krazy Garlik Crispy Pata is one of its kind. It isn't dry rather it is very much tender and juicy. The taste as well is awesome. I can taste the garlic in it. This is something that I would truly recommend!

As I said earlier, Filipinos love to it rice. I am sure and safe to say that at least 80 to 90% of Filipinos eat rice at least twice or even 3 times a day. However, the Garlik Rice was cooked really nice.

Thank you Kessa for bringing me here!

This is me., I look hagard na.... been awake for at least 15 hours already.

The food server is really friendly. However though when we are there it was a little bit difficult to call their attention. Maybe because there are actors and actress dining at Krazy Garlik so it was a little bit hard to call their attention but other than that they were superb. One more thing that I loved is when their manager came over and chat with us. She was asking about the food and if we are satisfied. That is truly an above and beyond customer experience!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rosa Clara Wedding Gown Selection

I wanted to post all the pictures I took when I attended the wedding fair at Marriot Hotel but I simply cant so I thought of putting them in one: a movie format.

Hope you liked it!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Will Kedebon make it to the Top 5?

After tonight's performance this comedic singer Kedebon Colim seems to shine through despite the negative comments and twitter and facebook bashing.

Yes! It is true when you try to perform in a television show knowing that there'd be a lot of people reacting and giving harsh comments but all you need to do as a performer is get yourself up there and let it happen because you simply want to do what you know you do best.

Photo credit

I was already expecting him to sing that song and also expecting that they will definitely make it really funny. May be the jugdes are correct when they say there's no exact definition of X-FACTOR. Maybe it is Kedebon's X-FACTOR to be really comedic.However will this be the correct X-Factor to make him push to the top or will this be his last performance.

Will the fans of the other contestant double their effort to push Kedebon the Comedic Singer out of the competition?

Based on a weekly basis and standing I think KZ, Allen, and Jeric will take the Top 3 spots... Gab, and Daddy's Home, Kedebon might take the bottom 3. If Kedebon be part of the bottom 2 then he might be sent home....

Want to know what I think about Kedebon's performance? Click here

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Multi Level Marketing: An Emerging Business at Low Cost – My Thoughts about it

Everyone wants to get an extra income by any means and most would indulge into business. However, when we say business the most common problem is the capital. Most of the time when we start up a business we need huge capital.

I remember my friend’s sister who just opened her sari-sari store and she had to shell out more or less Php 30,000 from renovation of the store to appliances to the goods she will be selling. Still that’s a huge amount of money for an average Filipino earner.

A new type of business that is really becoming popular to most Filipino is the Networking Business. The low capital with a promise of huge income is the selling point. Networking or Multi-Level Company opens a door to business opportunities for the basic earners who aspires to become entrepreneurs without shelling out too much of their earnings.

The multi-level marketing (MLM) is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn an extra income. This is a best deal for Filipinos who are looking for an extra income to augment the growing expenses. It gives the entrepreneur, an advantage to sell high quality of goods and a variety of useful things that everyone might one take advantage.

However though the success rate is totally dependent on how many people the entrepreneur encourage buying the product and encouraged people to sign up and join. Entrepreneurs engaged in MLM needs to establish their own client. When I say establish your own clients it doesn’t mean that you will need to recruit everyone I come in contact with. What I would do is to choose the right client, I will choose those people who have the right attitude and enthusiasm just like me. Another thing is for me to always put the saying into action: “Time is Gold!”

I think for me another to consider for MLM marketers is the right pitch. There are a lot of people in this business who pitches “…this is the company where could get rich fast and easy…” or others would say “I haven’t finished college but I am earning 5 times their salary!” I think this is not a right pitch. I think it would be better if you pitch your products based on your personal thoughts and knowledge about the product, your experience about the product, your personal achievement when you joined. It is hazardous if you promise a gold and diamond or milk and honey at the beginning when youre trying to convince people. In my own opinion when people did not get what they’ve been promised then it would hurt the business when my recruit failed and did not get what I pitched them (gold and diamond am sure they would get out there and spread some words that is not helpful at all to the company I am trying to build. They may even brand your company as scam.
This is just one of the MLM Banner and marketing slogan

Before even joining the company (MLM), I have to research about the company. I need to choose the right company for me. I will choose the company with products where I believe in and the products that I like. It would be best if I have tried the products and experience the result. I will test it to a family member as well and or even my friends. Then, I will use their together with my testimony to pitch for my prospect clients be it a customer or a recruit. Because here’s the thing, I can never sell a blackberry if I haven’t even touched it. Or I can never say that snow is fantastic if I myself haven’t experience it. My experience on the said product is my talking point and my selling point at the same time.

One thing to consider before joining this company is the demand. I will evaluate my circle first because these are my first costumer or maybe they will be my first recruit. Again, never ever pitch in lollipops if your social networks are grownups already. Here’s a good thing though, if there’s an absence of need create it so you could sell or even recruit them to join your network. Again you can only create a need if you yourself have experienced it.

For example, working in a call center environment was my first job. I had a hard time then because I had no knowledge about the products. I never experienced a touch screen cell phone, a business cell phone, all I know is the bar type black and white Nokia phone. In order for me to succeed is to talk to people around me who has culpable knowledge about the product. I have talked to those who have experienced the product. I attended phone exhibits and had a firsthand experience of the product I am selling over the phone. I read about the US cell phone market to have a wider understanding about the business.

Next thing to consider before joining is the market as a whole and the age of the company operating in the country. The longer the company is the more the market is saturated. I am convinced of this general notion and once the market is saturated the more people become frustrated if they were promised of “gold and diamonds”.

To summarize everything, here’s what I would do before joining MLM:

1.       Know the Market – so that I can have a better understanding on the needs of my market in this way I would know what MLM I would be joining
2.       Know and build my Social Network – my friends, family, my extended friends, my officemates, acquaintances, and the list goes on. To know their needs and have a better social understanding would help me choose the right MLM to invest with. Also, they are my prospect and initial buyers/users/members so I would need to know what they are buying, their interests and their hobbies.
3.       Know the company and use the product – this would be my talking point to my prospect buyers/users/members.
4.       I shouldn’t pitch “gold and diamonds” type of pitch. It was never helpful.
5.       Time is GOLD – I shouldn’t be wasting my time. As the days goes by I should be working really hard to build my network and satisfied clients. I may have invested a few thousand bucks for the start up kit but I will think that I have invested millions in to it.

Lastly, I will set my target from a daily basis to monthly and to a yearly basis. This target would help me achieve my goals. You should be monitoring your account from time to time. Other’s think that once they invest in MLM money would come next but actually the answer is always NO…. Entrepreneurs need to work really hard and when I say work hard I mean "to exhaust all effort". Actually those very successful MLM Entreprenuer are those who travels, those who sacrificed a lot.

Want to know an example of MLM Company?

Click here for VMOBILE.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

My House was Built by a Small Dream - Molino Cavite

"When you dream.... You should dream BIG.... If you cant make it at least you end up somewhere up there!"

That's what i normally hear when leaders or speaker would start coaching their subordinates or their audience. For me, yeah it could be true.... I dream for a big house with a gargantuan garden and so as a consolation I would say I ended it up with a soon to be my house.

The House....

Small, gnomish,infinitesimal.... whatever you may call it.... I am still happy...Because for me it is still galactic, colossal and capacious.

The Subdivision Entrance...

The Kiosk

The Guard who helped us when we were totally lost....

That's the house that will soon be mine. At least I have a place or a home that is legally be called mine. A house that was built by too much of inspiration and perspiration. A house that I started dreaming. My resting place. I am so happy and so excited and the feeling that you are wanting to pull each day....until the day that PAG-IBIG Housing Loan would Grant it and finally turn it over to me....

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Had a Good Time at Resorts World Manila

There's one thing for sure that everyone would like about resorts world. It is the all in one so called mall. Resorts World Manila is the newest entertainment and dining destination a mall and a casino to add it up.

It was always my dream to bring my family to different mall destinations in the metro. So last Aug 26 when my mom, my sister and my cousin had the chance to be together. I automatically made sure that we will visit the grandest and the most luxurious shopping mall.

I may not have the capacity to have them experience shopping but to see and feel and be together I think would suffice it all. At least there's I would have a next project to deal with.... Just hoping not on the next ten years or so... lol.

So far, we might be all tired walking and window shopping at least we enjoyed taking each others picture. Laughing and joking at each other.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Bella Padilla Stars Magdalena in GMA 7

The beautiful, extravagantly piquant sexy Bella Padilla now top bill another sensational story of Magdalena! Am sure that Bella Padilla fans have been waiting for this big break.

Photo credit: Rockstarmomma

I don't have any idea as to how the story would go. Will it be based on Mary Magdalene, a biblical character who is a prostitute? Will it be based on a story of a woman who desired to become rich and strives hard to reach her goal? Will it be a love story that defies all odds?

Photo Credit: Malaya Business Insight

Accordingly it is a story of a lady who wants revenge to those who ruined her life. How will the story go? How will it end? How will she ever surpass the trials? Will her heart heal by the care of a loving handsome man?

Watch MAGDALENA as it PREMIERS  on OCTOBER 8 2012.

Also Grab a copy of Mega Magazine September Issue as she gives her insight and reviews on the most controversial 50 Shades of Grey.

Congrats Bella Padilla on this one big role.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Frederick Peralta: A Perfect Wedding Dress for Him and For Her

Here's Frederick Peralta Wedding Gown.... Perfectly made for the bride...

And here are your men.... A great idea for your groom. Of course he needs dressing up as well.

Here's a Barong Tagalog for HIM.....

Or a wonderfully tailored suits for HIM....

Are they not all gorgeous?!!!

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