Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Philippines Savings BANK Molino Cavite Experience

Opening a checking account is really laborious and most banks requires a lot of documents. I went from one bank to the next to ask for their requirement and their application process however to no avail I came out of their banks a little frustrated. Everyday, I always go home unhappy and still looking for the right bank who wanted to do business with me.

On my home, I decided to just settle for a bank near me and so I decided to ask PS Bank Molino Branch just to inquire on their requirements in opening a checking account.

And here are the things I really wanted to highlight about their employees:
  • The Bank Manager (I suppose she is the Bank Manager) Eloiza Villaneuva is extremely helpful, fun and energetic and friendly. She explains to me clearly on how I should handle my checking account. She definitely embody the perfect customer service. She managed to process my application and explains to me why I can't get my checks yet. One more thing, she remembers my name after a week or so. This is a superb costumer experience because I felt the care.
  • The lady who processed my application is also very heplful. She smiles and answers my question properly the way it should be explained. She is not hesitant in providing me information that I need.
  • The guard is very respectful. Their greetings is rather sincere.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eat Bulaga Super Sireyna Queen Of Queens

After GMA 7's phenomenal most talked TV Soap Opera, My Husband's Lover. One of their unbeatable noon time show is yet again make some noise with the Grand Coronation of their Super Sireyna Queen of Queens where 7 among their weekly Queens will compete on the most coveted crown The Super Sireyna Queen of Queens.

Who would take the crown? Who would out wit them all?  and who would be the Queen of Queens? According to Eat Bulaga: "TODAY, EAT BULAGA WILL RECOGNIZE YET ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL WHO WILL PROVE THAT BEAUTY, TALENT AND WIT HAVE NO AGE, NO RACE AND NO GENDER"

Here are the candidates and the result:

Mariane Arguelles, SUPER SIREYNA QUEEN OF ASIA the CHRISTINE REYES of Bongabon, Nueva Ecija outwit the other and take home the Crown.



Maki Eve Mercedez, SUPER SIREYNA QUEEN OF THE SKY the JENNYLYN MERCADO of Labangon, Cebu City?

Bembem Radaza, SUPER SIREYNA QUEEN OF THE OCEAN the CARLA ABELLANA of Cagayan De Oro City? Bembem Radaza bags Best in Costumes



Francine Garcia, SUPER SIREYNA QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE the KIM CHIU of Quezon City. Is the new Queen of Queen title holder.

And she reigns supreme!

All photo's are taken from Eat Bulaga Official Facebook Page and Twitter

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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Pressure on Educators

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Educators I would say are the most respected people in the world I must say. There would be no doctors, scientist, politicians and the like without our beloved educators and nothing beats their dedication on their job. When an educator would talk I definitely listen because I know that somehow I have these inclination that everything that comes out to their mouth would somehow benefit me.

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I believe that a moment an educator signs the contract, they'd automatically signed a contract as well that every time their students comes out to their classroom being proud because they have learned something different either a lesson in life based on experiences or they've become better in the subject matter the educator is teaching.
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But what if all these are not true?

I learned from my sibling studying in a reputable school that they have a teacher who has a PhD. That moment I became comfortable and confident that they would learn more because they have one of the best educator. Unfortunately I also learned that every time they commit mistake their board works the educator would say "TANGA (stupid/fool)". One time the educator would even say: "public school lang kayo.... galing ata ako MaSci (you Only came from Public School.... I'm from MaSci)".

I immediately taught, is coming from a public school make the student less? I totally disagree, students in public school are there because they wanted to learn no matter how difficult their situation in their school is. I agree that in the public school they don't have everything plus there are 60 to 70 students per classroom and these are the reason why I have high regards to the public school teachers.
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I remember when I was an educator as well and I never told my student a fool or stupid when they cant pass my simple examination or board work. I even ask them to stay and I would teach the lesson all over again because I don't want them to go home and not learned anything in my lesson. Is this not suppose what all educators would do?

Is having a PhD gives you the right to brag everything that you have and tell your students fool or stupid. Teaching in private school is way way easier than teaching in public school because you have everything you need for your students to learn and because you audio visual rooms that public school doesn't have.

I always believe that if you are an educator, they don't have the right to complain because that is their responsibility. It is an educators responsibility to make sure that when their students are asked about their subject matter the students would be able to answer them accurately. It is an educators responsibility as well for the knowledge of their students.

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One Lazy Weekend

We all have these lazy days, we either watch a movie, sleep, read anything, watch television and I am guilty about it. This weekend is a different story.

So after breakfast I decided to go ahead take some pictures around the village!

RICE PADDIES!!!!!! I miss this scene. Its been long years since I went home in the province. Maybe next year. :)

Flowers.... I am a flower lover and I appreciate those colorful tiny petals.

Aha! There's more.... my neighbor also is doing some backyard gardening.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Husband's Lover - A Hit TV Series

My Husband's Lover draws too many attention not only to the third sex community but to the whole viewing public as well. Despite CBCP's criticism, majority of the viewing public still shows support to the show. It still the most talked about TV show in social network like twitter.

Who would ever think that a gay themed TV Series would be the most talked about and praised in a prime time slot. My Husband's Lover is definitely timely! The cast and story line is perfect.

In my opinion the show was great. It is tastefully made and very much considerate. I personally think that the writers and management including the actors are holding back because they are thinking and considering the "religious and moral values". I am watching the replay every weekend because for me it has a life moral lesson. The show is teaching the viewing public about the life of homosexual.

For me, My Husband's Lover is timely. The time for diversity is definitely not yesterday or tomorrow but the time is NOW. I am excited to the time when everyone can go to church without being judged, I am excited to the time when a preacher would openly welcomes everyone into the church and not being the topic of their homily.

GAY, HOMOSEXUAL, THIRD SEX call it whatever you call. No one cant deny the fact that they exist and that they are part of this world. All we need to do is simply respect each others existence. The church shouldn't be a dictator and start dictating everyone what to do and what we should believe in. It doesn't mean that when the preacher, priest, pastor says it is wrong does not also mean that they are certainly right. They are human too guided by their own principle and own belief and being homosexual is not a sin or a disease that need to be cured. Homosexuals are human too who goes to church and do what everyone is doing.

Kudos to GMA for showing MY Husband's Lover with all the twists and drama. I just hope that they wont twist the show to favor religious group. I just hope it would stick to the reality of life...

UPDATE: AUG 9, 2013 its already the 45th day of airing and it consistently hit the bench mark! The said TV Series trends in Twitter not only in the Philippines but definitely worldwide. The social media reacts via Twitter and shares their sentiments over the characters.

The Characters.....

I think the characters are reflections of the Philippine Society as well as the whole story. Here's what I think:

  • General Armando Soriano - The father of Vincent Soriano. A general in the military and a homophobic. A very strict father and has this Alpha Male idea. In deed, there are many stories out there of a father who will do everything just to change or cure their son's or daughter's sexual preference. According to them they are simply a disgrace to the family and a disgrace to his name. They are more particular about what their padrino's would tell rather the well fare of their child. They will subject their children to intense physical and emotional abuse. This is very evident in the who knows when it started until about the year 2000. Up to this date there are still horrible stories about fathers ready to subject their children to anything just to make sure they are "cured". He is a perfect picture of a close minded father and very firm as to what he believes in. These kinds of fathers are the very reason why I campaign for the TV Show as they need to be educated and they need to learn somehow on the ins and outs of being a gay. They need to be 
  • Vincent Soriano - is a closet gay. Oh yes there are many closet gays out there. He represents the hardship of those prefer to be in a closet by whatever reason. His story, hardship and dilemma could be happening in a real Filipino setting. No matter what happen they still need the comfort of their real love. 
  • Eric Del Mundo - is gay but not a cross dresser. He is a story most and typical gay man who dresses like a boy but admits that he is a gay "Bi-sexual" as they say. Most of the time they play the role of a girl in a same sex relationship. His story also represents those gays who are very fortunate to have a family member who supports him all the way. He has a family member who would fight for his welfare and understand fully how he thinks and acts and accepts him as who he is.
  • Soledad "Sol" Del Mundo - a typical caring and loving mother. Who would fight for his gay son no matter what happen. She represents the same mother who has a gay son/daughter who showed support and love to their children no matter what the people would tell her or her family that she builds.
  • Elaine Soriano  - is a typical "religious" grand mother who believes everything what the priest would say.  She is loving and caring mother for Vincent and his husband Armando but she also believes that being gay is a mortal sin and needs to be cured. She is a representation of mothers who has the same mentality.
  • Lally Agatep-Soriano - is a representation of every wife who has a husband gay or not who would fight to keep the family intact. She represents every wife who could sacrifice her feelings and needs for the sake of her family. In short they are the "martyrs"
  • Sandra Agatep - represents every single mother. She also represents those mothers who would sell everything just for her children to eat.
The show is expected to end on September 27, 2013 as announced. For me, it could be too soon to end but it could be too late to end. It would actually depend on where I see it. For me the show is ending too soon because I think Zandro's end wasn't showed properly. The life of a cross dresser and the way they are treated in many various forms wasn't discussed thoroughly in the show. Though it is not part of Vincent - Lally - Eric conflict but it is still about gay issues surrounding these types of homosexuality.

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