Friday, June 29, 2012

Igorot's Dwelling Place

What makes the mountainous areas a beautiful place to live in?

Maybe there's a lot reason for me and I can't enumerate all of them. Maybe I am biased because I am a proud Igorot.

Here are my reason why I love the mountains of Cordilleras.

Aside from the relaxing views of the mountains are fine jewel of the north adorning the landscape of the mountains.

Other than that... the fine people of the North and their Gardens and Paddies. The reason why we have strawberries and vegetable in the metro.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baclaran: National Shrine of our Mother of Perpetual Help

The Baclaran Church is one of the oldest church here in Metro Manila. It is situated near the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City Philippines.

This place is very much known to most Filipinos as this church hails as the National Shrine of our Mother of Perpetual Help. Click here to know more.

Baclaran Church is also known as one of the largest Marian Church in the Philippines. It is also authorized by the "Holy See" to operate 7 days a week.

Here's there Mass Schedule:

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shopping at Divisoria

When we say low-cost shopping destination in Metro Manila, we would automatically think of Divisoria. Divisoria is located at the heart of City of Manila. It is also a shopping destination for all kinds of low priced goods from accessories, to kitchen accessories, apparels, toys, vegetable.

Divisoria is actually jump packed with shoppers in May and December. It is also advisable to buy in bulk rather than in pieces because it is cheaper if you buy it whole sale.

Tips for a successful shopping at Divisoria:

  • I would say before you go there you list down all the things you need and include the needs of the whole family so when you go there you could at least bargain when you buy. The more the merrier as they say. haha
  • Always bargain. It is a known culture in Divisoria to always bargain with the sales girl. However when you bargain always bargain at a reasonable price so you get the price you wanted to avoid discussion.
  • If you are a Divisoria Shopper or if you go to Divisoria frequently you would definitely know that going there at past 9 is difficult. Go there early so you would have more time to look around and to avoid the rush and there'll be fewer buyers.
  • Don't be an impulse buyer. It is always good to canvas the prices of the other stores and so you would have an idea as to how much you would bargain for the price of the item. Here's a good tip... the farther you go the cheaper the price is. Check every corner and every roads along Divisoria before deciding where to buy.
  • Don't wear jewelries, watch or any other expensive accessories. Bring the cheapest cellphone you have and of course as much as possible your money should be in hundreds, twenties and fifty pesos. This would be easier for you to pay them at exact amount and also it is not advisable to bring with you a handbag. Instead use a clutch bag if really necessary.
  • Don't bring kids. So you could twist and roam freely and you can do shopping at your own pace.
  • BE PATIENT! Expect that there would be huge crowds since this place offers relatively cheap good item and canvasing is painstaking but worthy.
  • Wear tight jeans or tight shorts. The only reason for this is for you to feel if someone is attempting to get your cellphone or wallet on your pants. Always make sure as well not to place your money on one pocket only as much as possible pocket the 20's and 50's denomination on your pocket and the 100's denomination on your wallet (dont put your wallet on your pocket)

So here's a general map so you would know where to find some specific items: Go to Ilaya Streets if you want to buy fabrics. Tabora is a perfect place for ribbons, buttons, beads, crafts and or other notions. Also, since this is street market you would definitely see street vendors who will be selling other stuffs like native products, housewares or even clothes. Its good to ask their price because you might be surprise when you see these stuffs inside the shops just behind this street vendors. Good to note so you could bargain inside the shop and or you can go back to this street vendors and buy the said product.

This is also the best place to buy affordable wedding gowns and barongs. Next stop is the New Divisoria Mall along Tabora. It offers air-conditioned comfort with various items like apparels, housewares, balloons and the basement with a wet market and dark corridors. The corridors sell the cheapest party toys and giveaways (this toys and giveaways are really just for fun it don't last a day)
Across the New Divisoria Mall is the Divisoria Shopping Center. It also sells cheap plastics toys, wooden toys and decorative materials like artificial flowers and leaves. 
Streets between Divi Shopping Center and New Divi Mall for fruits by the kilo.
168 Mall also offer almost everything from toys to apparels. It is more expensive than the other mall but of course still cheaper than any other malls in Metro Manila. 
If you are shopping for t-shirts but planning to buy it in bulk Juan Luna Street is your best place.

On your way out to Divisoria is Q. Paredes St near or closest to Binondo Church offers school and office supplies.
Enjoy shopping and Good Luck!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lepanto National High School Graduation 2012 (part 4)

When we are having breakfast and since we are already teasing each other. They all agreed that we go swimming.

 So we asked our cousin's Jeepney so we could use it going to Cervantes Ilocos Sur. Our nearest swimming destination. It is approximately 2 hours. Waahhh!!! its been so long since I revisited this place.

 So everyone is actually excited. In fact after we announced that we go swimming the kids are gone in 1 minute. When asked, they all went home to grab their readily prepared swim wears....

 So, off we go to Cervantes. The teenagers including myself went at the top or roof of the jeepney (we call it TOP LOAD) meaning we sit on top of the Jeepney and we will just hold on the railings for support so we wont fall down when we the car start going ZigZag!

 I am thrilled and happy and excited. Just like when we were kids. We are all waiting for special occasions like this so we could all go swimming in the rivers or sometimes in some resorts.

 When we reached the said resort I didn't believe myself. It was really developed. The water is free flowing and so it is relaxing. Water is a little bit warm maybe because it has come from a warmer source or the weather is just warm. hahaha

 After we parked... All the kids already went off the pool and started swimming. It was so nice seeing this kids so happy.

 While the children are so happily swimming. We went picture taking.

 Everyone has their own poses and everyone are photogenic in their own rightful way.

And so this end's my visit in Lepanto for 2012! I hope I could make it again on 2013! lol

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