Sunday, July 1, 2012

Travelling Mount Pulag

Are you a daring backpacker, mountaineer and adventure seeker?  Then a climb to a challenging Mount Pulag trekking is just the right adventure for you!

So to start your wonderful backpacking experience is an 8-hour bus trip from Manila to Baguio City. I am a fan of Victory Liner located at Pasay City because it has the most trip going to Baguio. The Mt. Pulag backpacking extravaganza trip is best done overnight so you could have a feel the most wonderful nature tripping experience.


I suggest that the best trip going to Baguio are the trips that leaves Manila by 10-12 so that you will be in Baguio by 5 to 9 AM the following day perfect to start travelling from Baguio to  Kabayan Benguet where Mt Pulag trail starts. Once you’re in Baguio City by taking a cab and just tell the driver to bring you to Norton buses (Northern Transit Terminal Station) at the top of Magsaysay Aveneu bound for Kabayan Benguet. There are three established trail for Mt. Pulag namely the Ambangeg (Babadac), Ellet (Eddet) and Kabayan (Akiki or Killer Trail) this trail is a much trail it will take approximately around 2 or more days to climb atop.  Another trail goes directly to Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya which is known as the Lusod trail or the easier route which will only take you approximately half day.

Also, it would be best to camp at Mt Pulag and stay there overnight because Mt Pulag offers the best sunset and sunrise in the country.

Photo credit: Robert Domoguen
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