Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Once again, the time has come to the most celebrated day in the Congress and Senate where they flare their well designed gowns from different reputable fashion designers and or their respective top pics gowns. Definitely this year is no excuse for these politicians and their family member to flaunt.

SONA has been an avenue for these politicians to walk down the red carpet and show off their well desired gowns and walk the flame of their fame. They spend thousands just for these event either rented or owned. Nonetheless, it has been proven that the politics has been a battlefield and playground of the elite.

This year I have chosen four best dress that tops my lists and of course the top worst dress too.

So lets start with my top picks...

Ms. Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Ezcudero
Photo credit to Rappler.com
I adore Ms Heart Evangelista choice of elegant and sophisticated white gown. It is fashionable and definitely stunning as it captures her curvacious body and flaunt her elegant sweet Angelic face. Her Filipiniana is definitely tops the bill.

Ms Kris Aquino - Presidential Sister
Photo credit to KrisAquiono.net
Ms. Kris Aquino combines color and bring her elegance on that yellow and black Filipiniana inspired gown.

Ms. Loren Legarda
Photo credit to Rappler.com
Ms. Loren Legarda flaunts the elegance of tribal dress whith her boldness to show the truest beauty of the tribes of the Philippine society makes it count to be on that top list. Inexpensive gown but definitely a representation of the minority is totally remarkable. She has represented in many ways the minority by simply wearing that traditional dress. Though it is a fusion the thought of proudly wearing it is remarkable.

Ms. Elvira Echauz
Elvira Echauz definitely gives justice to the Igorot inspired Filipiniana and flaunt it perfectly with the simplicity of her make up. It gives her the flare of the Filipina look. She has indeed proven that the hand weaved fabric and design from the north can make it to the mainstream still classy and sophisticated yet simply and elegant look.

And of course I also have chosen the worst dress for the said event.

I myself is totally disappointed with the dress of Nancy Binay. She looks gargantuan and looks like a lady dragon in the circus areana. Though politics is definitely a circus arena but it doesnt need to be in flaunt in the SONA RED CARPET showdown.

photo credit to Philstar Lifetyle

Risa Hontiveros in her black gown topped with barong tagalog is a fusion disaster. The boyish look is definitely not working on her as she is known with her scarf which really worked perfectly on her but not on this specially played long gown boyish inspired look.

Risa Hontiveros
Photo Credit to Rappler.com
Lani Mercado-Revilla's safe little black dress topped with short sleeved hand woven fabric from Benguet Province. Definitely she's safe in wearing that dress however, I am putting her as one of the worst dress because I expected too much from here to be walking down the red carpet with her usual flamboyant entrance. It looks to me as if she's making a statement despite controversies her husband has been put into.

Lani Mercado Revilla
Photo credit to Rappler.com
Mommy D's saggala costume made it to the red carpet too. Mommy D, unintentional maybe but she stormed the SONA Red Carpet drama when she made the grand entrance for being the last personality to arrive. I was expecting her a Randy Ortiz creation but not expecting her to have the fusion of a wedding gown and the details of Santa Cruzan costumes. She should have just wore some native dress and make her entrance with such class and elegance. I love her bag though and her hair simple but customary elegant.

Dionisia Pacquiao
Photo Credit to Rappler
Though I always believed that politicians should be wearing decent attires as they represent the countries look, I also believe that it should be inexpensive. The dresses should have been a little cheaper but presentable. It doesn't need to be more than a hundred thousand.

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