Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Reaction on South West Terminal

The Metro Manila Development Authority sets a firm decision to finally make a stand and put all the Provincial Buses specifically Tagaytay, Cavite, Batangas.

Here's what I think are the PRO's for having the South West Terminal at Coastal Mall:

  • In all fairness, I would personally say that the South West Terminal is effective in a way that the traffic congestion along EDSA became better. It wasn't at its best but it was better than before. The amount of buses has significantly reduced resulting to better travel time
  • Before, I don't want to travel to Cavite using buses because it is dangerous. I said it is dangerous because it is jammed packed with so many passenger. I was standing from Makati to my destination at the door. However, with the emergence of the South West Terminal, I never experienced standing plus it is more comfortable to travel. 
  • Commuters have more options. Choice is very important for a commuter like me. Before, I dont have a choice, whoever comes first I would need to jump in or else I would need to wait for an hour or so for the next bus to arrive.
  • It is more organized. Compared to running and rushing with all the other passengers
  • I love the passengers lounge as well. I am just crossing finger that this is not for these year only. It is high time for the Philippines to have a better and more organized bus stations.

Here are the CON's or the things I did not like
  • It is a matter of adjusting though since people would need to transfer from one bus to the next to the point of destination.
  • The MMDA Management would need to do more fixing not only on the internal looks of the terminal but also the external part of it. Huge portion at the back and at the sides of the terminal is not cemented.
  • City buses should only pass through the front of the terminal and not allowed to pick or drop passenger at the back of the terminal. The bus driver told us to go down and just walk along. The city and provincial buses are all jammed packed at the side making a hard time for some buses to pass through.
Some of the problem that is arising nowadays is the "Tigil Pasada" where bus operators. "Akin lang eh... ok na sana unti unti ng natatanggap at nasasanay na ang mga commuters at dahil sa tigil pasada unti unti nanamang naiinis ang mga commuters." Isnt it that the bus operators has the responsibility to make their commuters safe and comfortable? I myself dont want to go back to the idea of standing from AYALA all the way to my point of destination and worse I am standing at the driver's side.NO... I would prefer to go to the bus station look for the bus and then ride comfortable. The LTFRB should warn these bus operators to provide the riding public safely and comfortable.

****Just my reaction and my personal thoughts**** what's yours?

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nothing Beats The Filipino Positivity

I dont know, I think it is innate for Filipinos to be smiling despite severe hardship. They'll always find a way to find humor... Here are the Meme's i got over facebook.

(Please note all pictures are taken in social media - facebook being shared by my friends)

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Speaking in their Dialect Gets Expelled at School

Dialect according to experts are used in different ways but it is mainly a language spoken in a particular group area or a community or group of people. In the Philippines which is comprised with thousand of islands has more or less a thousand of spoken languages depending on their ethnic background or origin.

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Recently, social media users reacted differently when a news broke that Saviour's Christian Academy students in Laoag City Ilocos Norte expelled due to speaking Ilocano (a dialect in the Ilocos Region and the Cordillera).

My point of view 

It may be serendipitous if the school bans the usage of vernacular within the school premises for the students to have an avenue in practicing the students capacity and skills in the English language. However, to disgorge them from school is rather implacable. A school is a second home for every children. A place for them to explore the wonders of the world through their quest for knowledge in the guidance of their so called second parents. To dislodge them is as good as disowning your kids capacity to learn.

Dislodging the child as a course of action towards a minute mistake like speaking in vernacular inside the school premises is totally repugnant. A school should be guiding these children to be successful someday. They should be the stronghold of these children to be better. The school is totally responsible to every child's future. Such action is totally unacceptable.

English is a universal language understood by men but Ilocano is a dialect understood by the Ilocano's not only by their mind but also in their hearts. It is the language they have grown up using and it will be the language that they would bring in their death. English is learned and Ilocano is a langauge by heart of the Ilocano's. If this is true, why did the school penalize these kids? The teacher or school administrator should have talked to this students and have re-iterated the importance of the English Language and why they should be practicing it.

My main reason why i despise the action of the school authority is basically the idea of penalizing the students by simply speaking in vernacular language. Speaking in vernacular is not a grieve misdemeanor rather they should have a corrective action plan be in place. For me, English language is important which I agree but having good English skills doesn't define you as a person, it doesn't define your success and above all, it is not a social status or standard.

To wrap it up, these children doesn't deserve to be expelled using their native language. They should've just been reminded of that school policy. I have expected more understanding from these school since they are a Christian school. I always believe that the best way to teach the children is not through heated iron punch into their hearts but rather getting into their heart and understanding  is what makes learning more possible. In this way the learning would stay forever.

Practice makes perfect! That's totally true, but since English is our native language there will always be instances where we would need or accidentally would speak in the language that we have grown up with. Just like Singaporean when they are in Singapore they'll speak their natural language or Chinese or Koreans and that is totally acceptable.

I hope you get what I mean.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Weekend Vanity With Watsons

Everyday we rushed from home to work. Everyday we deal with our own stresses. Everyday we face troubles of life whether that is our personal or professional life.

That is true to me or to any one else. However, I make it a point that my weekend activity is something that I love doing like blogging, watering my plants, chit chat with friends or playing my FB games that it takes me months to move from one level to the next (LOL).

This weekend, I decided to do something that I haven't been doing for the 3 years and that is pampering myself and spending an hour in the shower room.

Watson Hair Care - Of course I am very conscious on how my hair would look like as much as the condition of my hair. I just can't afford to have my hair dye every after 3 months anymore but at least I wanted to maintain a healthy hair.

Body Care - I am a sucker of body care. I always wanted to have a proper caring for my skin from neck down to my toes. Here's my complete Body Care Regimen from Watsons

Of course to wrap it up... A cool and refreshing toothpaste and mouthwash is a must.

Good thing Watsons accepts Sodexho for payment.... Check out whats new at WATSONS

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