Saturday, November 3, 2012


I am sure that the Lesbians Gays Bi-Sexual Transgender and Friends (LGBTF) in the Philippines are over whelmed and for sure really proud when after so many years Kevin Balot became the first ever Filipino who is crowned Miss International Queen 2012 held in Thailand last November 2 at Tiffany's SHow Theater.

Kevin Balot represented the Philippines along with few other Gay Beauty Pageant Veterans with the hopes of bringing the prize (cash prize and of course the pride).

Being a transgender is difficult. The acceptance in the family and the community is already a struggle. Discrimination is rampant. The term Gay in a general context would mean "being happy" or "happy" however though you would never want to be called Gay because of the definition the society has imposed. Gay in a bad sides would mean to a lot of people for having unsteady feet, lack of better judgement. Which I beg to disagree. Gay people are the happiest people in the world. They are bread winners of their family. They wouldn't care if they do nails or do your hair style for as long as when they go home they have a milk for their family. They careless of themselves for as long as their nephews, niece, brothers, sister, uncle and auntie and cousins would have something on their pocket.

With Kevin winning it gives hopes to the transgender community in the Philippines that someday they would be recognized. That they could wear whatever uniform at school without being eyed on. That they could go ahead and compete in the corporate world and not being pre-judged. To have a law for their own benefit. I still hear some stories of transgender not making it on the final cut in the job interviews (the question is: "what restroom would you use?").

In a lighter side, there are are already companies who are gender sensitive. There are companies who are LGBT friendly and I commend them. Because I always believed in gender equality as well I always believed that the LGBT community can accomplish with RAINBOW (LOL.. I mean High) color!!!

Way to go Kevin Balot! Congratulation for not only winning your most deserved crown but also being an instrument of goodwill!

Will he make it to BB Pilipinas Universe next year?
Hope she gets the chance!

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