Monday, March 25, 2013

Michael Cinco Wedding Gown 2013

Click here to be directed to Michael Cinco's Website

Michael Cinco, a proud Filipino designer making his name in the international industry. I myself, I must agree that I never happen to know him until Americas Next Top Model featured his worked. That is the time when I started liking all his work.

The first thing that comes to my mind when we say designers is a wedding gown. Well of course there are several types of designers and they have their own specialty. My idea of a wedding gown just like anyone else maybe is to make the bride flourish and become the most beautiful woman in the planet not only to her husband but to the whole family and friend and maybe to everyone who sees the picture of the bride.

I see my cousins when they're deciding in choosing their wedding gowns undergo a meticulously picking of the right fabric up to the right fit.

So when I stumble upon Michael Cinco's wedding gown am definitely sure that the gowns would make you flourish on your very special day. Cinco's eye for details and style comes naturally thus expressed on his wedding gown creation.

I became an avid fan of Michael Cinco of course because of his magnificent work of arts and also because of his determination to succeed. This somehow is really an inspiring attitude to many Filipinos. Cinco for me is an epitome of a working Filipino. We work really hard to achieve our goals in life may it be a simple goal or to a large one.

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Please note that all photo's here are taken from Michael Cinco's website. Click here to see more of Michael Cinco's work of art.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

A Teachers Thankful Message To Everyone

Here's a message from Jan Irvin Domoguen Kis-ing - a teacher of Colalo Elementary School:

"Colalo Elementary School pupils, teachers and parents would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the Project Mountain Alphabet for blessing us as the first beneficiary . The awesome books given to us shall serve as reminders to us, teachers, to advance learning in rapid phase as possible, pupils will be able to realize how wide the world is with this books. 

at least for now if asked to name animals they can site gazelle, chipmunks and opposum not the usual given examples like dogs, cats and cow. 

Further the school will continue acquiring new books thru their waste collection initiative and School vegetable garden to ensure development of the school library to community library."

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MINT Philippines Summer Spring Collection

Every March, Filipino's would have to say goodbye to the cold December-January breeze! March would be brighter and definitely sunnier and warmer! Therefore it is time for the clothing stores to definitely change what's in their stalls to match the Summer season. The same way with the fashionista's, it is time for them to change and or set aside their old wardrobe and definitely come up with a more brighter and summer apparels.

Lets start with the dress. Mint has come up with these diagonal patterns in the dress. I am not fan of diagonal designs as it gives a look and feel of being cut into pieces. However, the clothes Mint has designed comes in a more sophisticated and elegant patterns complemented with such a beautiful color combination.The pictures are my top picks for an office attire if coupled with blazer and a gimik and or party dress at night.

After picking top choices for a party dress, I have also pick my top choices for tops that are or would be available in your favorite MINT Stores.

Summer is all about the colors adorned with simple prints. This would be best complemented with a simple skinny pants, or a simple tattered shorts.

Walking at the beach is really wonderful most especially with these colorful and loose pants.

Summer is really an interesting season for everyone. For me, summer is a time to enjoy and relax despite the blazing heat from the sun. To be really comfortable moving around a pair of floral and plain shorts would always be best.

This it for MINT Summer/Spring collection. Watch out for more....

Want to know more about MINT Upcoming collections? Like their FACEBOOK FAN PAGE

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

It All Started with a Giraffe

Teaching could be so difficult most specially when you are teaching in a barrio. It takes a lot of courage and patience as you have walk at least 3 to 5 kilometers away from your own house. You would need to sacrifice your own comfort and convenient. You would have to sacrifice not seeing your family for 5 days. Above all, teaching in a barrio needs a lot of creativity as there are no or very few resources in the said school.
They Cry for Books

Schools in a barrio gets the least priority in terms of infrastructure and development. They get the least number of books as well. No libraries and proper teaching or instructional materials. My mother was once a a teacher in a barrio and we rarely see her during the weekdays and then she has to leave in the afternoon of Sunday or very early morning of Monday.

My brother Jan Irvin Domoguen Kis-ing follows my mothers footstep. He is also a teacher at a barrio. He is now teaching at Colalo Elementary School. One night during our volunteer work at the said school he mentioned how his library project started and here's the story:

One day, he was energetically teaching about animals and how they are pronounced. My brother said, "this is giraffe and it should be pronounced as gee-raf." Suddenly, one of his student profusely disagreed to my brother and said that it should be pronounced as giraf-fe because the letter "F" is doubled and there is an "E" at the end so it should be the pronounced at giraf-fi his student explained.

My brother asked the student to go ahead and look for the word in the dictionary. He advised his student to look for the dictionary in the library. As the student went ahead and look for the dictionary, my brother continued discussing about the other animal... He grabbed a picture and showed it to his class. Everyone describe it as a cat. My brother said they were wrong because it is not a cat rather it is a PANTHER. Everyone disagreed and they insisted that it was a cat.

When my brother was about to ask his student to go to the library and search for the difference of a panther and a cat. The student came back and said, "Sir there is no dictionary in the library!" To his dismay he just describe the panther to his student and gave them the difference between a cat and a panther.

My brother told himself that the students needs a better library at least to have some basic reference materials that his student could read. That is where he also realized that no one passes their homework every time he gave them definition of words, or proper word pronunciation. He first thought of Books From a Garbage where he is asking his students to collect plastic bottles, bottles, sando bags, papers, etc and they are selling it for a penny to buy books. From that, they were able to buy some books containing animal pictures and information about the animals. My brother thought added a Garden for Books where he asked help from his student to plant and that is where they were able to come up with their first ever dictionary.
Garden for Pencil Project by Jan Irvin Kis-ing

He is satisfied with the outcome though he knew that the progress is really slow. Plus the fact that there are some discouraging words on the side. I rarely see my siblings maybe once a year to be exact. So when we met sometime last year during his civil wedding. He jokingly asked me to donate a few books for the school library. We never discussed about it after that joke.


The Old School Library
When I reached Manila, I sent SMS to my brother asking him to send me a project proposal so at least there's some documents I could show to everyone and it would help in my book collection. However, the Mankayan District Superintendent never signed the project proposal up to this date giving all sort of alibi's.

Collecting of books, fund raising and spreading the word about the project and its purpose has finally reach its end to bring the books and whatever we have solicited to Colalo Elementary School.

Last March 9, 2013 the group composed of 8 people including myself delivered the books from Metro Manila to its destination. Upon reaching Colalo Elementary School we started separating all the goodies and putting them in a school bag (all donated by TROFI).

Sorting of Goodies....


The Gift we shared C/O TROFI

These goes to one student.

We spent the whole day of DAY 2 in separating the books according to its subject and building bookshelves. At night we started fixing the books in the shelves and decorating the library.

Sorting of Books according to its kind and Re-Building the Library...

The students reads books as they sort it out...

Cleaning the Shelves...

Arranging the Books in the Shelves....

Some of the books and magazines we bring at Colalo Elementary School Library

We spent the morning of Day 3 through gift giving.

There's nothing in this world who could match to feeling of fulfillment to see our beloved teachers smiles.

 Here are the students who receives your gift...A picture taking with the volunteers

The children's laughter and smile and giggles is the trophy of every volunteer. It is so rewarding to see them really happy because of the gifts they receives from everyone who helped.

Our Trophy is to see them laugh!

See these kids giggle!

He smiles with joy!

Volunteers prepares the bags on the stage!

Isn't it fulfilling to see her smiles....


The Panoramic View

 The Book Shelves

 The Teacher who started it all!

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Thank you for Donating a BOOK

Keep those books Coming!
**Moses Hong Castillo
**Elle Galutera
**Angela Chua
**Erwin Andres De Leon
** Leigh Maneja
** Des Arellano
**Kathy Uy
**Kessa Thea & Christian Egegaard Nielsen
** Miss Maria Lee
** Richie Madrigal Dalope