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My Journey to Manila

After my graduation in College, I got absorb as a Physical Education, English and NSTP instructor at Philippine Cyber College Baguio. Then after a year I became an English Tutor for Korean students at Monol English Institue still in Baguio City.

In September of 2007, I was still a stay in tutor that time. I filed a sick leave as I am having flu. As I was lying down in my bed, I decided to just get up and walk wishing something good will happen. As soon as I finished my breakfast still wearing my pajama and my shirt I put on my old walking shoes and started walking around the hotel. I felt relaxed as I was walking along Teachers Camp. I then decided to go to SM Baguio. Along the way, I spotted a job fair I got intrigued with their poster which says “Work in Manila and have a PHP 20,000.00 relocation fee.” So I head home and took my resume. I just figured out that I don’t have one clean resume with me. As I don’t have money at that time I decided to just get the pages of my resume that I can use and then combine them together to come up with one clean resume.

So, I went back and join the other applicants awaiting their turn to be interviewed and so I passed the interview. I got as excited as I dreamed to be working in Ayala Business District.

Working at first in a place totally new to me is not that easy. I stayed in a bus terminal, to sleep in the sleeping quarters of the office where I used to work, took a bath at the bus terminal for a week until I finally got a place to stay. My family and friends know nothing about it as I have to have let them feel that I can be on my own that I am dependent enough to survive the challenges of being alone in a busy city like Metro Manila.

Right now... I am so happy with where I am now. Contented with what I got. I am being blessed with people who truly supports and love me. Thank you so much!

Moving on... I would like to share some of my photos while growing up.

Me and my brother:

Me and my 2 brothers:

Me and my grandparents, uncle and 2 siblings:

And my elementary Graduation:

My little sister:

My Other Blog would include Katoika it is intended to feature about designing and home stuff. From housing ideas and room decoration. However since I am not an architecture, engineer or interior designer I would also include my Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.

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