Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thomson Reuters Mnla Company Outing goes to Canyon Cove - Nasugbo Batangas

Thomson Reuters - Manila goes to Canyon Cove Beach Resort for the Annual Summer Outing

I was excited for days last week and really looking forward to be part of our yearly company summer outing. I am really looking forward to every company outing or gathering. It is our time to enjoy, relax and mingle with each other outside the company premise. A time to really laugh together and talk about anything under the sun.

On our way... I was definitely happy. We drop by at Dely's house of Pasalubong in Tagaytay

After long hour of travel due to traffic we finally reached our destination. At first, I am not feeling the place as it looks old. However, when we finally went inside the hotel, the amenities is shockingly good.

The group went to Canyon Cove at Nasugbo Batangas. The view is definitely breath taking.

Am sure the rest of the group enjoyed the stay as much as I do.



Swimming Time:

Beat the Flash!
I am going natural! LOL

Dropping by at Collettes in Tagaytay before heading home!

Excited for next year! LOL

Canyon Cove Room Rates

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Office Attire for Men

I would say that buying clothes is one of my weakness. Or I would say I am an impulse buyer.. Maybe one of the reason for me is that buying men's clothes are expensive and basically its really hard to find one that matches every mans taste and fashion style.

It is also a struggle for me because when you go to a market place be in Divisoria and Baclaran or in the malls. I would say that this places usually sells more women's clothes than men. That's when I tried to look over the virtual world or the worldwide web and I was able to create my own fashion must-haves.

Good thing I found this an online shopping with Free Shipping within Metro Manila and Cash on Delivery payment option. So, I have come up with my selection and choices of my supposed office attire.

Lets start with the pants. It is always great for men to have a variety of easy to wear slacks when going to the office. The color choices I have is of course black, cream, and brown. This are great colors as they could easily match on your shirt.

Long and short Sleeve shirt. This comes with different color and style. I would say don't wear too tight and body hugging and too loose like a maternity shirt already. Just the right size is just the right attitude you need.

Buy bags and neck tie to accessories your look. It would be best to have a different color of tie and bags. So it would be easier for you to choose depending on your look for the day.

Aside from having a good bag and tie that matches your look it is also a must have to have a pair of black shoes. Black shoes and belt is a must have as it can go along with any color. Another option is to have a different colors of shoes to spice up your look once in awhile.

The above selection is my ideal look when you go to the office on a daily basis or when you are attending a job interview. If you want to see more products please go to as they have the complete list and pricing of their products.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Bangkok Thailand Travel Wish List

I am always fascinated with Thailand's vast cultural and modern architecture. I always wish that someday I could travel Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai my top 3 on my list to visit. While I was browsing my friends facebook photo. I stumble upon their pictures in Bangkok Thailand. Here are some of the photo's I was able to grab to share with you.

 I would say that the Thailanders were able to maintain their cultural heritage while they are expanding their modernization. It is indeed important to keep and maintain such world heritage not only for student to study but for everyone to understand once culture.

 The architectural design of this cultural heritage is really amazing. I would say if given the chance to visit Thailand I would definitely write all my experience because looking at the pictures give me goosy. I am sure my eyes would pop out amazingly because of this beautiful architectures.

 When you go to Thailand I am sure that there's so much to visit and that you have to squeeze everything on your travel plan. I am sure I would need more time in order for me to enjoy the said place.

Another reason why I wanted to visit Thailand is for me to ride the elephant. hahaha I am sure I would be so excited and so thrilled to have this one of a kind experience. I am so amazed on how this big elephant works hand in hand with people.

Oh see they're sweet!

Of course one shouldn't miss the food of Thailand. Mind you they should be spicy. hahaha

Another one that completes my Bangkok Thailand market is of course buying some stuff in a boat. Its their flaoting market.

Above all of course is their night flee market. I want to try that too.

Photo Credit: Izza Santos

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America has Spoken: A new American Idol was Named

The TEEN BELTER WITH DIVA-TUDE Jessica Sanchez was definitely out shone by the WHITE GUY WITH A GUITAR, Philip Philips last night.

The two are perfect in their own perfect way but as they say "in a contest there should only be one".

While watching the season finale last night everyone was quite. The used to be busy street was silent for the whole duration of the show. Everyone is anticipating and hoping that this Filipina-Latina would bag the price as the sole winner of the American Idol competition.

I and my roommate is at owe and clapping when Jennifer Holiday and Jessica Sanchez sang I Am Telling You Am not Going. We are clapping as we call it the performance of the night!

Here are some of my favorite songs of Jessica:

I have Nothing

And I am telling you am not going: Top 4 Performance:

The Prayer

Note: All are youtube videos

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Be MEG’s Brand Ambassador and Own the World in Style!

I am actually reading some of the blog i am following when I stumble one of the articles she had. I got excited and wanting to share this in my blog too.

I remember when I was in high school where I wanted to actually join reality TV shows. Since I am in the province I didn't have the chance. That's why I wanted to share this for those who might have the dream of joining such reality tv shows.

Check out the information I took from Meg Website:

Be MEG’s Brand Ambassador and Own the World in Style!

Are you ready to be part of this generation’s roster of bold young women?

MEG magazine has grown up with the times, catering to the diverse lifestyles of the country’s fast-growing number of independent women. For 9 solid years, MEG has constantly searched for the fresh faces that embody the characteristics and goals of the magazine.

Now on its 10th year, MEG shifts to a broader medium, transforming the search into a reality TV competition. The show, entitled “I AM MEG: Own the World in Style”, will not just look for the industry’s newest face, but will also screen out the contestant who can conquer different areas of lifestyle. In the fields of fashion, beauty, fitness, career and many more, the aspiring contestants must show their skills and capabilities; proving that they have what it takes to be the first ever MEG style ambassador.

If you want to be part of a look-and-life-changing experience, this is your chance!

I AM MEG: Own the World in Style Live Auditions Schedule
May 26-27, 2012
Registration starts at 10am
SM Megamall Event Center, Building A
Kindly bring copies of your profile photo (electronic)
Come in a plain white top and in light makeup

IAMMEG is a prestige production of the MEGA Publishing Group.

For more details on MEG, please visit MEG's WEBSITE  Like MEG on Facebook  and follow MEG ontwitter.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Travelling Manila: Luneta Park

After exploring the wonders of Intramuros in Manila, my friend Anton and I decided to move out and start exploring the nearby Park.

This park is again very significant in the life of the Filipino people because this was the place where Philippines National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal was shot by the Spanish. Rizal was the author of the famous Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. It was believed that this book triggered the Spanish to finally seize him and sentenced him to death. The book and his death also awaken the heart desire for freedom of the Filipinos. It is also the place where GOMBURZA or the 3 priest name Gomez, Burgos and Zamora.

This has already changed. Today it is already a beautiful park in memory of the Filipino who died in this place.  So it was named after the Jose Rizal and was called Rizal Park where his shrine stands exactly where he was shot by the Spaniards. Nowadays this park is otherwise known as Luneta Park.

 Luneta Park is one of the many attractions of Manila.

At the heart of the park is the Monument of Rizal.

Near the Rizal’s Monument is the LIGHT AND SOUND Complex

Manila Ocean Park is also located in Luneta Park. It is highly recommended for those who love marine wildlife.

 Of course the newly renovated Rizal Children’s Park provides a one of a kind entertainment to kids.

Note: all pictures are taken from google images. Please click on the picture for photo credit.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Travelling PASAY! The Premier Gateway to the Philippines

Last May 12, 2012 it was my friend’s Birthday (Anton). Since I work at night we decided to go out at night and visit the SM Mall of Asia. Sometimes, it is better to go there at night to avoid the warm ocean breeze most especially for me where I have little patience under the sun. hehehe

We decided to watch a movie, unfortunately that time we don’t feel watching the movies available. So we decided to just go around and do some window shopping and maybe spotting some items that we could buy when budget permits.
Photo care-of Izza Santos

After few hours we went out the mall maybe do some stargazing and to add it more the different lights adorn the MOA Park. The laughter of children playing on these beautiful rides scattered along the stretch of the park. Along with these are the songs played by the bands in the bar symphonized by the splashes sea water hitting the sea wall.

After long walk from window shopping to walking along the park and stargazing we decided to stop by a restaurant named Aling Marsha Dampa Resturant. Of course if you go out we don’t just don’t go out and tire ourselves out. After that tiring refreshing walk it is time for us to grab something to munch.

We never tried Dampa before. So we decided to just try it and have a feel of it. At least to have a totally new experience. I think it is always good to try something new once in a while.

Below is my top picks that I recommend worth visiting in Pasay City.

1. Nayong Pilipino is a theme park that show cases the different cultural group and racial groups in the Philippines. This theme park is located near Manila International Airport. If you are in Mall of Asia or anywhere in EDSA one can just take a bus going to MIA (it will only cost you Php 12.00 depending on your location) or one can take a passenger jeepney if you are along Rizal Park or Taft Avenue (fare would range from Php 8.00 to Php 15.00) depending on your location)

2. Cultural Center of the Philippines 

3. Folk Arts Theater

Some photo's here are taken in google images. Click the image for redirect.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Best Summer Style Collage

My colleague in the office sends me a link last night. Thanks Kessa for sharing this to me. So when I wasn’t doing anything I curiously opened it. I learned that it was a contest giving its followers an opportunity to mix and match any of the Mega World items given to form a Summer Style.

It was a perfect timing for me to think of a look or style that I can use during our upcoming company outing. So I started browsing and selecting from the items given. I realized it is fun matching and imagining how it would look like on me. (Hope Megaworld Lifestyle Mall would give it to me hehe)

In case you want to join too here’s how it goes:

First: Click this:Best Summer Style Collage Promo

Then like their Facebook page.

Then follow their instruction. Pretty simple.

Here’s my first option for the said promo.

However here’s what I submitted for the contest.

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