Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cosplay: Into the new Fashion World

Cosplaying is really in for today’s generation. A growing number of cosplayers are really putting too much of their effort, time and money into their outfit/costume.

What is cosplaying?

According to Wikipedia, Cosplay came from the root word Costume Play. It is a type of performance where people/performer dress up on their desired costume. The performers are called Cosplayers and they interact with each other creating a subculture centered on a play.

In the Philippines, Malls and parks are the usual avenue for cosplayers to meet and greet. Fashion shows are organized to showcase the best costumes and designers. According to my colleague cosplayers favorite sources of their costumes came from Manga and anime, comic books, video games and films. It is basically any entity from the real or virtual world that could inspire them to come up with a dramatic interpretation can be taken as a subject of their cosplay costumes.

Many became really famous by cosplaying not only in Philippine Arena but rather all across Asia. One of them is Alodia Goshien…..

Myrtle Sarrosa also is a cosplayer who recently won the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.

Both represent a subset of cosplay culture centered around sex appeal. According to wekipedia, this subset of cosplayers specifically chooses their characters that are known for their attractiveness and/or revealing (even explicit) costumes.

There are also other types or kinds of cosplayers, “the dollers”, wherein they represent a different type of niche. According to Wikipedia these type of group is called kigurumi in Japan which means “mascot”- style role players. They are basically covered from head to foot or they hide their real image to the public by wearing a head dress or head gears. They could be robots, space alien, or even animal. A doller could be a female representing a male character or vice versa.

Francis Veloso
Mike Rider Black

My colleague Marie Tinio is a female doller who wears Gekichoper costume.

Marie Angelique Tinio
Other cosplayers are:

Loki Heart

Serreniethy Fiona

 Please note that all photo's were taken on their facebook accounts.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Street foods in the Philippines

Every time a foreigner ask me about a famous street foods in the Philippines the first one that pop up in my mind is Balut. Balut is one of our exotic food in the Philippines. It is an egg that wasn't fully developed into a check. Normally, Balut is an egg of a duck (itik).

Another famous Filipino food is this delicious BIBINGKA a kind of rice cake that captivates every Filipino's taste buds. This famous rice cake is really popular during December (Simbang Gabi)

Another street food is really famous to every Filipino most specially people from Manila. You can find this food almost everywhere. You can find it in every MRT and LRT stations. Personally I like this food when I am drinking liquor.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Hilot Experience

I have been complaining about back ache and also shoulder and shoulder blades that are so painful. It sounded like my muscle are screaming at me telling me that they need some relaxation. I felt exhausted and tired. Sometimes this pain is also the reason why I cant sleep.

So a friend of mine (Glenda) told me that she could do a traditional way of relaxation and or massage. So then I agreed and gave her a synthetic coconut oil. She said it would be best if we could just use either a natural coconut oil or an oil that is Herbal.

Since we are in the city it is kinda hard to find some of this herbal oils. She then suggested to use an alternative oil which is the efficascent oil. She then started massaging me. She focuses on the nodules at my back for almost an hour. After her hilot I felt far better however she said she would like to do it again on Wednesday before she will fly to Dubai.

Her action to adhere to someone else's needs. To be compassionate and kindhearted and totally accommodating is another example of Filipino Culture I am truly proud of. 

What is the difference between HILOT and MASSAGE?

Both would mean the same thing to massage or to make the person relaxed. However, a Hilot is coined in managing and treating musculoskeletal pain, joint pains, sometimes dislocated joints or joint dysfunction while massage is merely for relaxation. While both has the capacity to remove nodules.

Also a manghihilot don,t receive any monetary form of payment. They believed that when they accept a monetary form of payment the illness wont be healed. What people normally do is they would either leave the oil that they brought with them or they would bring sugar, coffee or snack. While Massage Therapist accept payment as they are doing this for a living.

Another difference is when you go to a massage therapist they normally massage you from head to foot while hilot would only focus on a certain part where it is painful or where there is joint dysfunction.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cleaning up your house After the Flood

Cleaning up your house after it is being submerged with flood water.

In this situation our main focus and goal here is to make it Habitable as soon as possible.

Safety First - of course we would like to ensure that we don't injure ourselves while we are cleaning the house. 

We would need the following:

  • surgical face mask
  • sturdy gloves
  • wash water
  • hand wash soap
  • Isoprohyl Alcohol
  • safety glasses

We would like to ensure that everything is safe in the house because the house was submerged with water we don't know if there are electrical wiring that may have been impacted or damage due to the flood. The sockets or plugs might have been damaged as well. Use battery operated tools and flash light.
    While cleaning the house TIMING is really essential. Don't be in a hurry. As we have seen, several or if not most of the time flood water recede and then come back with a vengeance. Always have those transistor radio on to make sure you are updated from time to time. If you're living nearby a creek then make sure to evacuate your house even before the creek hits its critical level.


    Since the house is submerged with water we need to remove all clothing and linen items. Place them in a plastic or soak them in water with laundry soap and a good amount of ZONROX ( I normally use the color safe bleach) to at least disinfect the clothes and linen. Next is to remove or bring out your furnitures, appliances and other soft furnishing such as carpets and linoleum. 

    Next is to box or pack everything from utensils to decorations to CD's etc. After packing them put them outside your house as well.

    Have your appliances checked by an electrician to see if it is repairable or it is as good as junk already.

    When everything is outside already or when you generally strip off your house it is now the washing and disinfecting the whole house.

    We would need the following:

    • Detergent Powder soap - First I would mop the house with detergent soap. This is to make sure the dirt and flood residue is removed.

    • MOP and Bucket - At first I use the conventional mop however recently I found out that there is this kind of mop in the market where it has spinner to dry the mop. At least I don't have to touch and squeeze the mop already.

    •  Then after washing the whole house (walls and floor) with soap and water I then wash it again with a very good amount of bleaching liquid or in this case I usually use ZONROX Bleach. I use this to disinfect the whole house.

    • After bleaching and drying the house I use Fabric softner as a finishing touches of my cleaning agenda.

    • So after, washing the house I would mop the whole floor and walls with dry rags.

    After cleaning and drying the walls and floor of the house. Make sure that electrical wiring are checked by a qualified electrician. This is to avoid someone from the house being electricuted or the house to be burning because of short circuits.

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    Saturday, August 18, 2012


    Nowadays, infrastructures are built almost everywhere with the goal of keeping everyone's convenience and safety. The over pass and underpass are built to ensure the safety of the motorist. Bridges are built to tone down the traffic.

    Another development that made the masses even more happy is to build the MRT and LRT. I myself liked it too because of the fact that it is cheap and fast. I can get from end point to end point in a couple of minutes. I do think that it is designed to help the grass roots have at least a cheaper mode of transportation.

    I use MRT and LRT because I hate the rush hour traffic. However though, many times that I have to either hold my breath and try to push my self against a swarm of people flocking in or I would just let it go and just do a return trip from the starting point to the end point and back to where I should stop.

    As other's say, when you buy the MRT Ticket its all up to you. No one care's (even the management) if you are old, young, lady, the moment that door opens be ready to play RUGBY FOOTBALL or just wait and ride back.

    I must say though that this kind of scenario is actually visible during rush hour.

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    My Monsoon Rain Experience

    Last August 6 2012 to August 9 2012, most part of the Philippines were blanketed with clouds and huge amount of rains. Most part of Metro Manila were flooded  water's are dripping on the walls of my apartment. The clouds are dark and the sun seems to be hiding somewhere over those heavy pith dark clouds.

    After few days of intense rainfall water floods are rushing inside the house. Everyone in the house tries to look for a dry place to sleep during the days. It is indeed my first time of everything, to sleep in a wet mattress or cold wet floor.

     I would say I am still really lucky to have a tiny place to stay compared to this other families in the metro who lost not only their homes but a family or members of the family. I am lucky since I only lost my material belongings and not a dear friend or a family member or even the source of my income.

    However, there were thoughts during these cold days and wet nights that struck my illusive mind. Is this happening because of the unpredictable weather condition and climate change. Before, when we say monsoon rain it wont cause us much of a trouble but these days it gives us more rains it drops a month of rainfalls in few days or even hours.

    Or, is it because of incapacitated mentality of its residences. Undisciplined humanity. Every night I see tons of garbage along the highway. Worst, during those days I see plastics of garbage's floating at the side wishing this flood to take this garbage somewhere else away from them.

    Or the obsolete drainage system that was designed 20 to 50 years ago. Or the growing up population living in those creeks that was used to be a place for running water to flow.

    Well whatever the cause may be, we cant blame nature. This elongated heavy rains leaves us all a lesson to learn from.

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    Thursday, August 16, 2012

    Mandaue Furniture: A Piece that I Deserve

    I am not very particular of having furniture before since I am just renting a house so it is really difficult to have big and bulky furniture to go along with you more so if you are moving from one place to the next. However a sudden change of outlook and views of this matter when I decided to apply for a housing loan, I then became interested of owning the best of furniture in town.

    One of the most beautiful moments in everyone’s life is going home. To catch up with the family, to bond, dine and watch tv together at home. Isn’t it nice to have furniture to complete this moment? I guess it is. Furthermore, the great choice of furniture adds value and perfect ambiance to the home you build.

    My criteria for furniture are as follows:
    ·         Quality and Durability
    ·         Design
    ·         Price

    Good to say that upon checking the Mandaue Foam Furniture they surpass my expectations.

    These past days of nonstop raining be it thunderstorm or typhoon, I have lost some of my valuables. Electronics, electrical wiring and some furniture are all worn out and either totally wrecked or needs to be repaired.

    As I browse the Mandaue Foam Website I totally got hooked to some of the furniture. I thought that this would definitely benefit me and would add up on the new furniture that I deserve to have while I transfer to my new house.

    I would say that I deserve to have the ERICA as my LIVING ROOM COUCH. I am imagining this couch to be my haven in my living room. It is this couch that would captivate my mood to gear towards definite relaxations. After losing some of my furniture due to heavy and continuous rainfall this August, it is always best to change them with the best that we have in the city.

    After a hard days at work at night so I could provide a glass of milk on my families table, don’t I deserve a reclining chair just enough for me to have my aching muscles relaxed. Also, I wanted to have a chair for my mom to sit when she visits us (her 2 children) in Manila. She complains with the hard wooden chair that I have.

     Both of this furniture is a must for me aside from the reason I mentioned above I also want to have my mom who works really hard for her children to go to college and finish their education. To sacrifice her own luxury for us to eat. Now I and my sister is miles away from her and it is always good to have a soft and welcoming furniture for her to stretch her tired and wearied muscle.

    What about you, do you want to experience a very Mandaue Furniture experience? Are you looking for a furniture that is worth your money? Check out their website and visit their stores nationwide to experience the awesome goodness of Mandaue Furniture.

    Ooooopppssss there's more.... It this time of the year again and Mandaue Furniture is giving away an OH so AWESOME 40% OFF as part of their ANNIVERSARY SALE.... Isn't that wonderful!!!

    Click on the image above to learn more....

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    Monday, August 13, 2012

    When the Rain Don't Stop

    It was a non stop rain. I never imagined that I would have another terrible flood experience after Ondoy.

    On our way to my friends house.

    On my way to my Friends house.

     After the rain, now it is cleaning time. Everything is wet, from my pillows to foam to blanket. I am sure it will be a busy week. Washing and drying and cleaning the house.

    During those time when heavy rains showered the Philippines for more than 5 days, I had terrible and sleepless nights. The flood water is knee deep in my apartment so I have to improvise in order for me to catch a sleep.
    I have to sleep on the table.

    I sleep on my friends house. 

    Slept on a hallway.

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    Thursday, August 9, 2012

    Online Shopping Tips

    When you go shopping at the malls you would have to spend much time going from one store to the next to compare prices and quality. However online shopping offers every shoppers an easy access to browse and search on their favorite gadgets, apparels, make up, perfumes, in fact all most everything you need you can have it on your finger tips. It’s easy and sweat free.

    In many occasion for a very busy life style this innovation of shopping makes this as a leading growing business all across the globe. It is sad to say that a part from this growing business it is also a growing opportunity for some people to virtual steal your bank credits. Bottom line is of course shop safely.

    There may be a lot of safe tips out there that you could use. However I would like to add a few more tips that you could follow.

    Just a recap of this popular safe tip is as follows:

    ·         Don’t store credit card or any other important information online or in your laptop or desk tops. When I say information this would mean: credit card number, social security number, tax identification number, date of birth, and name middle name. Your facebook account could have most if not all this information so I would say don’t put all your information out there.

    I also do online shopping but as much as possible I don’t use my credit card or my debit card in purchasing items over the internet. If I can’t help it I would need to:

    ·         Check the security features of the website if it doesn’t start with HTTPS:blah.blah.com and I usually check my statement online. I don’t need to wait for my bill to arrive I wanted to see if the purchases I am making is correct every after 2 days. I also don’t purchase my stuff on internet cafĂ©’s. Lastly I clear my browsing history after making a purchase. (I don’t know why I do the last part but I feel safe if I clear the cookies and my browsing history.)

    ·         I only shop to established websites. Before I make my purchase I usually read reviews. It is always better to read what others write about a certain website before I shop. Investigate the integrity of the website or online store first before you even make a purchase. Ask your friend or colleague about their experiences in that website if any.

    ·         Also, as much as possible if they can offer a Cash Upon Delivery policy then it is better rather than paying them in advance. If not, and if it is available then use a disposable credit/debit card (I hope this is available in the Philippines). It is your safest route in buying online or even over the phone.

    ·         I only buy my stuff in a reputable and established website. I also read their policy and their payment system.

    So I just want to share some website where I could say I had a wonderful experience.

    1.       Group Buying

    ·         Cash Cash Pinoy

    ·         Deal Grocer

    ·         Ensogo

    ·         Metro Deal

    ·         Yuga Deals

    2.       Website

    ·         Zalora Philippines – aside from the usual mode of payments they also offer Cash on Delivery.

    3.       Facebook – I also shop at facebook.

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