Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's Next for Kevin Balot

I was just curious as to what happens next to Kevin Balot after winning Miss International Queen 2012 last December.

In case you want to know what happens to Kevin Ballot here are some update.

Last Janaury 3, 2013, Kevin posted a video thanking everyone for the prayer and letting anyone know that she is fine.

Still looks really fantastic even without make up on.

Here's Kevin Balot's Video in Facebook

Then last January 5 she posted again the picture with her hand on a dextrose. I am already guessing she finally did it. The Dream of every transgender and to finally have it. I was checking on comments and everyone is congratulating her and to finally have it. However despite the congratulation she never gave or comment about it.

Then last January 18, 2013 - she again posted a picture in the operation table. Which even intensifies my speculation that she finally has undergone a sex change surgery. I was waiting for her to post a comment but Kevin Ballot doesnt reply via commenting back in her facebook picture. I just noticed she keeps posting pictures maybe as an answer or even a confirmation. Well as they say, a single picture says a thousand words including misjudgement.

What about you guys, do you think she had undergone sex change already?

(PS all pictures are taken on Kevin Balot Facebook page)

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