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My Experience at Puerto Galera Philippines

Travelling has been my first love and I haven't been doing it for the longest time. Travelling for me means that I always have the chance to experience whatever the place has to offer. Travelling would give me the chance to indulge to the place wonderful cultural experience to the wonders of its eco-tourism plus of course shopping.

My comfort zone is the northern part of the Philippines and last summer I had the chance to explore the southern part of the Philippines. Summer of course is the heaviest season to go travelling when the raining in the Philippines subsides.

Excited as the other tourist, I packed my clothes and started to be a lonely traveler (lone back packer). Along with me is the reviews of the other travelers that others have experience. Excited and definitely thrilled with the idea of going places. I boarded an air conditioned bus at Gil Puyat Avenue formerly known as Buendia. The bus fare would cost you at least Php 200 and goes straight to Batangas Port.


Once you are in Batangas Port, locate the ticketing area bound for Puerto Gallera. It has 4 major entry points namely White Sand, Sabang Pier, Muelle Pier, and Balatero Pier. I suggest you take the White Sand  as that is where I always choose plus it is where the fun is.

Ferry would cost you at least Php 250 (one way) plus environmental fee of Php 50 and Php 30 terminal fee. The first ferry will leave Batangas Pier at around 7:30 AM and the next ferries will leave every hour thereafter until 5:00 PM.


During peak season, it is definitely very difficult to find a place to stay. Most of the time it is fully booked. When I went there on a summer I almost ended up sleeping in the sand. In times like peak season, I suggest you book online here and make sure that you go there at your earliest possible time. Also, in any case that there you haven't booked online ask the tour guides as there are houses who offer a room at a cheaper price (not air conditioned though)

So for me, Kubo sa Bakawan was my favorite hostels. Friendly and very accomodating owner plus the capability to cook your own food and videoke. If you want to book and reserve in advance please call +639397962232 or +2-861-1225

The Activities

I am exhausted on my first day from the trip to looking for accommodation. But nothing beats the sunset in an island so beautiful like Puerto Galera.

Sunset by the bay
Of course touring with no car is apparently difficult. And a motorcycle comes in handy and it is easier to go around. Its faster and easier to go around the area. I suggest you ask the tour guides that is present almost everywhere where to rent a motorcycle. Its relatively cheaper.

Night party is also a good deal. I call it party by the beach with fire dancers and a lot of performers at night. If party near the beach is your kind of thing then you can stay at White Sand Beach and wait for night fall for the party to begin. If you prefer to go on disco houses you'll have to ride all the way to Sabang and experience their live bands and a lot more.

Or ride a motorcycle all the way from White Sand Beach to Baklayan and ride all the way to the rough roads to the top of the mountain top to have breath of fresh air and also a view of the majestic site of the beach and the Mangyan Village along the way too.

Motorcycle ride all the way to the top of the mountain to have a better look of the the beach.
View from the top
Viewing Puerto Galera from the Top
Another exciting activity is snorkeling. I am in love with snorkeling. It made me think of buying a water resistant camera. I would suggest that you talk to the tourist guides to add you in a group who will be going on snorkeling and island hoping. It's cheaper this way as you dont have to rent the whole boat and pay the tour guide all by yourself.

Snorkeling includes a view of the coral garden, underwater cave and giant clams the tour package is pretty standard at Php 1500 to Php 2500 per big boat and I would suggest that you tag along other groups to bring the price per person down. Once you are there a smaller boat would ask for you, you can either reject or accept them to bring you to a more shallower areas where you could see more they'll charge you with Php 100 per person for the smaller boats.

I will never leave a place without tasting something unique. That makes it memorable and fun.

Eating Sea Urchin - Php 20 per piece
Meat of the Sea Urchin
Kissing the Sea Urchin before eating
Note though that not all sea urchins can be eaten.

After eating sea urchin, it is time to visit the underwater cave. Its fun and its thrilling to play on a shallow sea water in a cave.

Underwater Cave
Part of the water adventure is the banana boat ride. 1 banana boat is equivalent to 10 participants. So if you are a lone backpacker just like me then you might as well ask the guide to add you with the other tourist who lacks the number.
Banana Boat Ride Php 200 per person
Another must see is the Tamaraw Falls and to swim in a fresh water free flowing pool at the foot of the falls. Its definitely new.
Tamaraw Falls
Swimming at the foot of the Tamaraw Falls


In general, my experience at Puerto Galera is definitely awesome. However, since I went there on a peak season,  where there are more shows and more people partying Tour guides, food, hotels, goods in the market even the fish is totally too expensive plus everyone is rushing including rushing to end your tour with them. That's what happen when I went island hoping, the tour guide complains and wanted to bring us back to our point of origin. When I ordered food in the resto, it takes longer than the usual serving time. I ordered special halo halo but I when it arrived the ice melts already. The food server looks exhausted and unfriendly, I am expecting them to be more lively as they are gays. The hotel owner though of Bakayawan Hotel is totally friendly and accommodating. So I suggest going to Puerto Gallera is better during Off Peak where generally the price are better and hotels are not fully booked plus maybe the food servers are friendlier.

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