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Travelling Manila: First stop is Intramuros

Here's the Map of Intramuros

My friend Anton and I decided to roam around the metro. I already thought that travelling Metro Manila in a broad day light because summer heat could reach up to 37 degrees Celsius. So, I already set my mind that it wouldn’t be that much fun.

We decided to explore the said city of Manila because I don’t want to be ignorant in the nearby cities where I worked. I know I wanted to explore the said city because this is the very first city to be developed way back Spanish Era in the Philippine History.

Anton told me that it would be best to visit the famous Intramuros because there are a lot historical spots. Intramuros is a Spanish term which means inside a wall. This was built by the Spaniards to basically to protect them from their detractors like British and Chinese pirates.
Photo taken in google images.

This is the Baluarte de San Diego
Photo taken in google images.

Inside Intramuros is Manila’s oldest churches or schools built during the Spanish Regime in the country. In my opinion this place was built not only for protection but also to separate the middle class Filipinos and the dignitaries and the Spanish Aritocrats.

So to start our travel we first visited The Manila Cathedral. When we went there it is under repair. It is formally known as Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica or Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception but it is locally known as Manila Cathedral.

It was my first time to visit the said place and honestly I am amazed because some of the buildings are still in their old Spanish Era architectural design.

I am basically amazed by the structure of the church. It was beautifully and artistically built. Preserving this kind of structure in its original color and architectural design is not that easy but it is worthy and priceless because the color and the fa├žade of the church tell a story of a rich cultural heritage of the Filipinos. Looking at it somehow tells me the story of the old Manila.

After visiting the Manila Cathedral we stop by another famous church. It is the San Agustin Church. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. The exterior is amazingly beautiful. This church also has a museum to have a better understanding as to what the church has gone through and its most important dignitaries. This church is very popular as a wedding venue and I am not surprised because it captures a
Inside the San Agustin Church in Intramuros.
This photo was taken from google image

This is the facade of San Agustin Church
Photo taken from google image.

I would say that this magnificent church is something that we could compare from basilicas and churches abroad. I feel blessed that I was able to see this church. I was mesmerized and enthralled with such excitement when I see the ceiling of this majestic church.

Transportation Option:

By taxi

The easiest way to get into Intramuros is by Taxi. Taxi drivers are anywhere the metro is very much familiar with Intramuros as they are well versed on this location as they are used in bringing tourist in this place. This type of transportation is highly recommended for those visitors who don’t mind shelling out a little extra of their budget more so when you are caught on a heavy so called rush hour traffic jam. Currently the flagdown rate is PHP 40.00 and fare goes up every Php 3.50 for every 300 meters.

By train

Visitors who would like to experience how it is like to work and live in Manila, I would advise you to take the train. So, you should go to an LRT station and then buy a ticket up to Central Terminal. Central Terminal Station is the nearest to the eastern wall of Intramuros it’s a pretty long walk to the most tourist destination within Intramuros so I would advise to take their Kalesa that can tour you around. Of course nothing beats walking in getting around the place.

Kalesa: the earliest land transportation during the Spanish Era
Photo taken at google images

Of course our trip would never be successful if we don't pose infront of our camera. Here's our pictorials from our Intramuros Trip.

Below is my friends pictures in Intramuros and Manila Cathedral:

Inside a man-made tunnel in Intramuros

This is the door of the Manila Cathedral.
Here are some of my pictures:

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