Monday, June 8, 2015

Donate Your Old Books

There were times during my elementary and high school days where I have to share my text book with at least 5 more students. We read together, we outline together and work together to make sure it will work. During those times, I was wishing I hope I could have a separate book of my own.

One day, being a son of a teacher in the bario. Me and my siblings visited the place where my mom teaches. We walk hours, we hitched in a truck full of gravels and sand. That time I felt lucky at least we have a library and at least i have one book to share with only 5. Unlike them (pupils of my mom) only have 10 books for all of them.

Fast forward to today, my brother is now teaching to where my mom used to teach. He noticed that the problem way back is still the same as of today. So he decided to solicit books from his classmates way back in his college days. He tapped his friends as well. Apparently, it is not enough to supply for him to create a library for the school.

I decided to help and put up the Project Mountain Alphabet. It envisions to reach out to those schools like my brother's school where he teach. If it is possible to create a library for everyone in the school or even the community to help.

Our first project of course is to help my brother at a good cause. It is hard to collect books from different people as we dont have an office for them to drop off their books. We dont have an office because this is simply a group of friends working together for the common good. It is somehow an extra curricular activities aside from our own work.

TROFI or Truly Reach Overseas Filipino Investors help out and shared a portion of their resources. Somehow, the cash they gave us were used to buy new books, bags, notebooks, and other school supplies. Friends and colleagues from Thomson Reuters help out as well in various ways plus of course volunteering their team to deliver the items to the school and build the shelves in the library.

This time around, we are beginning to collect books one more time, or any donations from everyone to revisit the school. The books you donate or the resources you share will help one school in the mountains to have at least a book to read, to research on. Teachers will teach their students to research. Students will have a chance to learn through the mini library and through the resources you share.

Lets help each other to help communities not fortunate enough to have a decent books to read.

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