Friday, June 8, 2012

Dampa sa MOA

Every time I hear the word "DAMPA" it excites me. I always imagine a mouth watering sea foods. I asked my friends grand mother and she told me that Dampa means seashore. Others would say Dampa is a nipa hut. So if you asked me to define DAMPA, I would say it is a HUT that is located near the sea shore specifically design for eating. hahaha thats my own definition. 

 So when we (me and my friend - Anton) had the chance to go out together. We tried eating at Dampa in SM Mall of Asia in Pasay. Since it is my first time I am not particular on how the transaction goes. There are a lot of Dampa Restaurants in MOA so we have to choose. We don't have an idea and don't know who offers the best.

So we choose Aling Mahrsya Dampa Paluto Restaurant. Since it is my first time I am expecting a little bit more though I dont know what to expect though.. wahahah. So we choose shrimp, rice and Adobong Kangkong on the side.

While I am munching the shrimp. I decided to eat using my hands as a spoon and fork. In short we call it KAMAYAN!!!! I loved it! Aling Mahrsya is comparable to a LUTONG BAHAY.

After eating, we decided to sip a cup of coffee at the Starbucks. I think it is a combination... I loved it.

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