Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer Pointe Residences: My New Home

Approximately over a year ago, I wrote about my discontentment on how the developer of Summer Pointe Residences incapacity and lack of consideration to their home buyers. I filed a complaint and they simply didn't care at all. They maybe thinking that they sold us a cheap loaned house through PAG-IBIG Housing. I can speculate thousands of reason for the developers inability to act and the way they treat their buyers complaints. Once its SOLD and as soon as they got the money from the government they careless about the safety and definitely the welfare of their buyers. They do not care about consumers rights. (Here's my previous article) After a year of filing my compliant and constant reminding the developer and their cold shrugging reaction and definitely unprofessional (unprofessional because they never called or pays no attention to their buyers complaints) in dealing with such complaints

So what's the update about my complaint to the developer.... Ahmmm NOTHING...

Kudos to the officers though of the Home Owners Association (HOA) for going the distance in building a new trend and definitely new culture to a newly built community. A community that is peaceful, quite, clean and law abiding community.

Over the year, the HOA Officers keep coming with engaging activities that in turn my neighbors happily engage themselves and owning every activity.

The Activities...

Halloween Party 2013

Summer Pointe Residences First Sunday Mass

Summer Pointe Residences Christmas Party 2013

Summer Pointe Residences Summer Outing 2014

Summer Pointe Residences SPORTS Clinic

Summer Pointe Residences Santa Cruzan

and of course my favorite is Zumba... Though I am not a good dancer I prefer Zumba as my weekend exercise...

Till next update....

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