Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where to Eat in Tagaytay

Tagaytay has been my favorite spot for a quick getaway. It is a place where I could definitely be myself. Tagaytay is a place where I am very confident I am more comfortable staying and roaming around. I am confident for many various reason but to top it all, it is the closest to where I grew up when it comes to weather and ambiance of the whole place.

So over the weekend, I had this opportunity to roam around a friend from the US and I am most proud of bringing her to the best places I have known at Tagaytay. A place where she could be herself and definitely a place where she could unwind and have the best of Filipino foods at its finest.

It is by Filipino nature to bring a relative or a friend to a certain place and of course for their visitors to experience what the host loves so much and so that's what we did and I know where exactly I could bring her to have the best experience by far.

Bulalo at its Finest

For every Filipino, I am certain that they have the common knowledge of what Bulalo would look or taste like and maybe everyone has their own technique and style of cooking. One thing is for sure, the longer the beef is boiled and cooked the better the soup would taste like.

...and when you say Bulalo, Tagaytay is the nearest place in Metro Manila who prepares it BEST. For me, when you say BULALO it will be Alegre's Canteen at Mahogany Market is the face. The mouth watering stew is definitely a must try aside for the fact that they have a crew who provides wonderful service.

First from the Left is my favorite crew of Alegre, then Judy Alegre with Mylyn, Me and my friend Anthony.

What to expect?

Mahogany Market is technically is a WET Market so don't expect to have a restaurant like set up. The place is cool and totally comfortable to dine. One thing is for sure you'd love the service and the food they serve.

Aside from Bulalo here's my awesome favorite. Mild Spicy Sisig and of course Tawilis. Tawilis is an endemic fish found only at the Taal Lake.

Nothing beats a good service, cool store owner and definitely a rock star of service representatives. So next time you visit Tagaytay... drop by at Mahogany Market and look for Alegre's Canteen. Am sure you'd be fascinated not only with the food they share but by the people who'd serve you at their finest. Oh I almost forgot to mention it is your one stop shop too as they also have a store that will cater for your pasalubong from key chains to t-shirt and to definitely accessories.

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