Monday, October 1, 2012

Baguio City Restaurant: Azotea Greens - A Place for Vegetarians

After a long trip from Manila to Baguio, I tried walking from Victory Terminal to Session Road looking for a place to rest my aching back and to simply relax a bit before heading up north!

I ordered a Lemon Grass Tea
 Session Road for me is an easy access to almost everything that you need from restaurant to bars.While walking (around 6:00 AM) a waitress of Azotea Green approached me introducing their menu. I got so interested not because I am a Vegetarian but because she approached me in a friendly manner. Tired and hungry I decided to try the restaurant.

 Lemon Grass Tea – soothing and relaxing tea. They offer hot and cold. I ordered cold lemon grass tea. The aroma is perfect that offers soothing and relaxing effect on my tired body. I would suggest to add a little bit of ginger and honey for a better taste and relaxing or soothing effect most especially if it is served hot though it is also good in cold.

Want to know more about what I think of this place? Here are most of it:

1.       The place is perfect. I love the lighting of the place. If I am going to rate it, it will be an 8. I loved it because of the fact that it is not too bright but not too deemed too. Not too crowded. I also loved the instrumental music being played. It makes the restaurant more cozy and relaxing. I am looking for more landscape inside though the space is limited.
2.       The furniture’s I would say I will give them a score of 8. The tables and chairs are good however in a place like this where they offer only vegan I was expecting a wood carved chairs and tables. But then again the tables and chairs in this restaurant is very good.
3.       The employees are also very accommodating including the owner of the restaurant. I have been sitting in the corner observing and aside from the waitresses assisting the customers the manager also sees to it that he talks to the customers first. I will score them a perfect 10 for this.

One of the reason why I will definitely drop by on this place once in Baguio is because of the fact that they don't have loud music, a cozy place and a perfect place to meet with friends and bond together. A place where you could go away with the noisy and busy streets of Session Road.

Also, the location is so accessible. After a tiring day of shopping along the streets of session road or even at SM Baguio it would be nice to drop by and have a cool lemon grass tea!

Check out their facebook account: Azotea Green

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