Thursday, October 4, 2012

Donate a Book for Colalo Elementary School Library

I can feel the breeze of cold winds blowing softly. That cool feeling means Christmas is fast approaching.

Few days ago my brother texted my sister to tell me if I could ask someone to donate books, brand new or secondhand, doesnt really matter as long as usable. When I ask him he told me that he is planning to set up a library for the school he is teaching.

Well I said that would be nice and I started asking around.

Remembering back my childhood days:

My mother was a teacher then at Colalo Elementary school way back in 2009 when a massive amount of rainfall damaged and sank the Colalo Elementary School. Everything perished including the chairs and books for these kids. A few years later my brother Jan Irvin is now teaching on the same school where my mom used to teach.

I remember when I was in my high school years when me and my siblings would walk hours just to reach the Colalo Elementary School. We gather mushroom as we go our way or sticks or woods. It was fun! Not until that fateful day of July 1999 when a huge portion of the school sank.

Today, my brother wants to take the initiative to build a library for the school, a place where these children could read and gain more knowledge. This is a place where they could research and explore the wonders of books. This place where they could travel through the information provided with this books.

Got an old book stuck in your shelves? Or a book that is still usable and wanting to dispose it? an old dictionary maybe? Any reading material from science to math to English to fiction that you want to dispose? Don’t put them on your trash bin send it to us so we could send it to these children. Who knows the book you donate is a stepping stone for any child to dream. Let us all work together to have these kids informed.

Your old book could be someone else’s inspiration to have a better tomorrow.

A thousand peso could buy so many things jeans, shoes, t-shirt, a food at a fancy restaurant or many other things. You could treat yourself and a friend with a starbucks coffee or a movie ticket for 2 with snacks. You could buy a coffee for yourself at starbucks or a Big Mac Value Meal with your 200 peso bill. What about shelling out a piece of those budget for a dictionary or a story book or a science book. Who knows with all our effort we can even buy an encyclopedia for the pupils of Colalo Elementary School.

Start donating now. Please email me for further details and shipping address for the book. If you are within Metro Manila I can meet you up in any of the MRT or LRT stations during Saturdays and Sundays. For those outside Metro Manila please email me so I could provide you my details. Bloggers would have a six months maximum of free advertisement in my website and I will also promote your blogs in my social networks in my social networking sites.

My email address is 

Ps: More photos to come!

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