Friday, February 8, 2013

GMA 7 Newest Epic Fantasy Series

The newest Kapuso epic fantasy series Indio, after the long wait, is finally aired last January 15, 2013. I am glad to say that I am one of those many Filipinos who loved the fantasy series of GMA 7 as they produce the best of its kind in the television industry in the Philippines. I would say it is truly world class.

A bit of history: Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards for at least 300 years. In their stay in the Philippines the word Indio has become the racial term of the Spaniards to the commoners and or natives of the Philippines. Though it is just a terminology, the word Indio however is insulting because of its derogatory meaning. Accordingly, INDIO is a person in the lower class and misbehaves in the public eye. In my understanding it is near to an outcast, dirty, poor, etc.

The fantasy series of GMA 7 somehow talks about the history and cultural information about what Filipinos has believed in many years ago. Even before Spaniards conquered the Philippines, Filipinos already have a belief on God called La-on and the diwata's. 

La-on is and or considered as the most powerful being who created everything and provided the Diwata's the power to take care of all the things he created. This two terminologies may somehow differ depending on the demographic location.

Diwata on the other hand is compared to the goddesses. In the Philippine folklore, Diwata are deemed to be the protector of the air, water, earth, trees, etc. There also some Diwata's for mandirigma (warriors). In the olden times, they offer peace offering to appease the goddesses for abundance and forgiveness.

In the fantaserye, everything for me looks fantastic.

The costume is totally relevant to the story. In fact the costume itself tells a story. It provides a wider knowledge on how the Filipinos dress before the Spaniards came.

The story is also brilliant. It portrays the story with a very good taste. Kudos to the writer.

The characters are also very efficient. Everything in it should was portrayed the way it should be done. The diwata is a twist of the story making it a fantasy but also relevant to the story. However, I think Senator Bong Revila as the lead character is just too old. His partners Rosa played by Maxene Magallona and Esperanza Sanreal played by Jennilyn Mercado are also too young for him. I am rooting for Dominic Roco to be the lead role for the character as he is young and talented and plus the fact that he is a good match the leading ladies if not Dominic Roco then it could have been Jomari Yllana.

The plot is also amazing. I never thought that we have such a wonderful places in the Philippines as beautiful as it was shown in the TV series Indio.

Did I miss something? Comment so we can all learn.


All photos here are taken on Indio's Facebook Page. Like their page to have an awesome interaction to be in the know.

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